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Proxies - What is a Proxy?

Updated on March 4, 2012

Why are Proxies so Popular?

I thought I would write this hub because I wanted to explain another technical term to my fellow Hubpages friends, I will talk about 'Proxies' here.

You may have come across the term 'Proxy Server' when setting up your internet connection, it is the option to use an intermediary server that makes requests on behalf of your computer server to access webpages or files from any other website on the net.

The reason this is so popular among many web users is because they don't like the idea of other people tracing or spying on their IP address.

I think the most well known website for browsing in secret is 'Hide My Ass', probably because of its cheeky name and logo, but there are also optional add on's to most browsers so that if you have purchased a private proxy address you can change the LAN settings in Chrome for example.

Photo Courtesy sammy4586

Hide IP

Using a Proxy address can be looked at with controversy because many people who do Hide IP addresses are perhaps Black Hat SEO practitioners, they obtain a Proxy List and program their 'Bots' to hide behind the IP address when posting spam backlinks across the internet.

Other sites such as Proxify and Anonymouse can be useful for accessing sites that are blocked on a particular computer, this might be in schools, libraries, at work or even in countries where governments have put restrictions on accessing sites outside.

Photo Courtesy of denharsh

Free Proxy Servers

A free proxy server or 'Public Proxies' will quickly be recorded by search engines and can it can be tracked back to the original IP address , so if it is consistently harvesting webpages or causing trouble it will be blocked.

People who want extra security will not use 'Public Proxies' they have seen posted elsewhere on forums and will often purchase private proxies only used by a few people. The purchased proxies are sold for about $5 for 10 and often come with a username and password to make sure they stay highly private.

Photo Courtesy of mallox

Proxy Server List

Some people even use tools to harvest proxy IP addresses and test them to see if they are anonymous, this is a cheaper way of staying anonymous on the internet and some of the software is quite sophisticated and smart! Hackers are known to utilize proxy servers when trying to access top secret files and folders!


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    • Richieb799 profile image

      Richieb799 6 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK

      Very true, I didn't think about the Island metaphor!

    • Geraldnduru profile image

      Geraldnduru 6 years ago from Kenya

      great seems web applications are dependent on each other just like no site is an island on the net