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Purchasing a Flute

Updated on November 19, 2017

I want to learn how to play the flute

So you have been won over by the hypnotic and soothing sounds of the flute. You now aspire to entertaining family and friends at various gatherings. Well this was an excellent instrument to choose. Compact, light and easy to transport by hand, it leaves the heavier guitar or piano standing in the corner. Not only is it easy to accommodate, it also creates a very appealing sound that does not require accompaniment. First things first, you don't want an expensive piece of equipment that must always be kept in sight.

Student Flute
Student Flute

Choosing a Student Flute

If you fall into the category of "student", "beginner", "intermediate" then ultimately the safest option is to purchase a cheap flute. Remember this is something that will be carried around to school, left around the house and might even be misinterpreted by the pet dog as a stick to be lifted. Unless you are a professional flutist who prides their instrument and takes the utmost care of it in between performances, then opting for a cheaper version makes more sense. The least expensive flute, called a student flute, is made from nickel-silver. The nickel- silver is an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel. Most of these flutes are durable and if reasonably cared for, will last a long time. The plating of nickel prevents corrosion and gives it a shiny glow which requires little maintenance.

Some of you might be wondering what about the wooden retro looking flute in the shop, I saw the other day? Should I go for a wooden one instead? Wooden flutes were the flute of choice in the not so distant past. They were more or less superseded by metal flutes mainly down to the fact, a tighter blowing style is required due to the greater resistance of the wooden body.

flute shop
flute shop

A Plethora of Flutes, Which one to Choose?

There are many different categories of flute. The western concert flute is probably the most popular and common type of flute in use today. It is essentially a side blown flute just like the student flute mentioned earlier. Other flutes include the Indian, Chinese, Irish and Japanese flute. The standard concert flute is pitched in the key of C and has a range of three octaves starting from middle C. A rarer instrument of the modern pitching system is the treble G flute. The ultimate beginner flute will be in the key of C, so this is the one to look out for.

Having trouble with your flute

Here is a great video guide for some tips and tricks to get you flute back playing well again...

Great Stuff on Amazon

More Flutes on Amazon

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