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Quickbooks Won't Print Invoices

Updated on August 23, 2017

Everything Else Prints... Why Won't Invoices Print?

You may have been working along printing credit memos and checks and then suddenly you can't print an invoice. Well, you check all the normal things. Does it have paper? Check. Is the power on? Check. Is the ink or toner out? All full. You send it again because maybe you just thought you sent it to the printer. Nothing. You turn off the printer and turn it back on. Nothing. You restart your computer. Nothing. You take the chance of printing another credit memo and it prints fine. Everything else prints fine, but invoices will not. What do you do? The trusty uninstall and reinstall to rid Quickbooks of its other glitches? No, not this time. There is actually a much simpler resolution.


The steps below are for Windows Vista and Quickbooks 2011, but they can be applied for other Operating Systems and versions of Quickbooks. You just need to locate the proper file, but the steps may vary slightly on the path to that file.


Corruption is a Horrible Thing

Even in software

Yes, even software can become corrupt. Any software that deals with printing can especially become corrupt. Sending a document to a printer sounds really simple, but it actually requires a lot of translations from one language to another. Think of it this way. Your computer speaks English and your printer speaks a forgotten language that hales from the deep jungle where no person other than the native speaks the language. Well... that may be a little extreme, but I harbor ill feelings toward printers.

The little file that holds the printing information will sometimes get virtual hiccups and can't perform its job properly. You can fix it, though and you don't have to reinstall Quickbooks. Just follow the instructions below.

Windows Vista

1. Exit Quickbooks.

2. Click on the Start Menu

3. Click on Computer

4. Double click on Drive C (or whatever drive Quickbooks may be stored on)

5. Double click on Program Data

6. Double click on Intuit

7. Double click on Quickbooks 2011 (or whatever version you have)

8. Locate and right click on the "QBPRINT.QBP" file (without the quotes)

9. Select Delete and delete the file.

10. Open Quickbooks and then click on the File Menu

11. Select Printer Setup and then click on any one of the forms. It doesn't really matter which one. This is only to recreate the QBPRINT.QBP file. Once you click OK, the file will be recreated. It basically stores information about the printing preferences for Quickbooks. Preferences files for printing are notorious for becoming corrupt.

Now that the file has been recreated, you should be able to print invoices. Yippppeeeee!

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OK... you are forced to use Quickbooks because either your boss insists or you bought it due to the hipe about it and now you are stuck with it. Say whatever you want to say. Let it be known just how aggrevating it can be to work with when it suddenly decides to quit printing invoices, can't find the template for a letter, refuses to print an envelope, etc. You are amungst friends, so let it all go.

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