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Quiet Notebook Cooler

Updated on October 27, 2010

Introduction to Quiet Notebook Coolers

Overheating notebooks are becoming an increasing problem, but the thought of more noisy fans is sometimes just as off putting. Fortunately quiet notebook coolers can help prevent overheating notebook problems, without creating any more excessive noise. A quiet notebook cooler can even reduce your overall notebook noise levels, since your notebook's internal fans do not need to work so hard.

If you are looking for a quiet notebook cooler then read on, we will be giving you the rundown on some of the best, with a few notebook cooler reviews of the very best quiet notebook coolers!

Quiet notebook coolers come in a wide variety of styles and designs, but some are far superior to others.

quiet notebook cooler
quiet notebook cooler

Why Buy a Quiet Notebook Cooler?

An overheating notebook can suffer from severe drops in performance, hard drive errors, and memory failure.  Unfortunately trying to fix this with louder cheap notebook coolers can lead to irritating noise, and even headaches caused by fluttering noises coming from your notebook cooler fans.

A high quality quiet notebook cooler such as a Zalman notebook cooler will generally cost a little more. But with a long life span, reliable performance, and near silent notebook cooler performance they are well worth the premium.

zalman quiet notebook cooler
zalman quiet notebook cooler

Zalman Quiet Notebook Cooler

A Zalman quiet notebook cooler is probably the best way to go for anyone looking for a quiet notebook cooler solution. Zalman notebook coolers have extremely quiet yet powerful notebook cooling performance which has helped make them one of the top notebook coolers in the world.

Zalman notebook coolers use silent fans, and have a 3mm thick aluminum cooler which helps dissipate notebook heat, and provide sturdy protection to prent damage to your quiet notebook cooler.

if you are looking to buy a Zalman notebook cooler then you will probably end up looking at either the Zalman NC2000 or the Zalman NC3000 range, both of which provide excellent quiet notebook cooling capacity.

NZXT Cryo LX quiet notebook cooler
NZXT Cryo LX quiet notebook cooler

NZXT Cryo LX Quiet Notebook Cooler

The NZXT Cryo LX is an insanely powerful quiet notebook cooler that is suitable for 19 inch widescreen notebooks, even those with high powered gaming components. The NZXT Cryo LX has 3 high powered fans under a thick aluminum exterior which provide exceptionally powerful yet quiet notebook cooler performance.

The NZXT Cryo LX is a fantastic notebook cooler for those who need a little extra power than the Zalman notebook coolers provide.  While the NZXT Cryo LX does have a lot of benefits, it is not quiet as high quality as Zalman. 

Despite this, the NZXT Cryo LX is a brilliant quiet notebook cooler for anyone who needs high powered notebook cooling. the NZXT Cryo LX can also be folded neatly up,however some people do not find it to be as portable as some simpler, lighter, notebook coolers.


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