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All About The Razer Blade Overview

Updated on October 12, 2012

Final Frontier To Decide If the Razer Gamer Laptop Is Worth It

The highly expensive Razer Blade laptop is amazing and yes you absolutely want to buy it. It's the sexy new black thing out on the market, and rich people everywhere are rushing to online stores buying it faster than white on rice.

I bet even Obama himself would want one because it is a futuristic laptop that defines the law of machine. The Razer Blade if you have not heard of it is a gaming laptop that no one can really afford except the rich and famous. This is the way I like to think of it, because at 2 - 3 grand you can find yourself holding a sleek and under an inch thin laptop.

It's A Vampire That Wants To Kill You

It wants your money not your blood...

Razer wants your money and is not afraid to show it. They are leap and bounds ahead of leading competitors who in comparison are like caveman while Razer are like green aliens where superman came from.

This little gaming notebook is extra good, not just amazing it's special. First, it has features no other laptops have ever dare dreamed of, and it's the thinnest and most powerful laptop of it's size.

Razer Blade A Shoe In To The Future

It's Great.

Enough with the talk about why it's so expensive, its just one world ahead of ours and just great.

No matter how you want to look at it, and random as it may seem, the world is changing for the better.

This is the machine got fan boys crying because they can't buy it with their 9 to 5 salary.

Razer Blade Might Get You Laid More


It is scientifically proven that thinner sexier and pricer laptops are babe magnets.


It's quite simple if I had $3000 and you had $500 I am automatically more likely to get laid.

It really adds up if you do the math, and if you are rich you would understand that it's true. Being rich is awesome, who would not want to be around a rich man, who can do nothing and live life large.

Maybe It'll Feel Like This

Imagine Razer Blade (Car) Is You

Owning a hot car and a hot chick (whoops) is better than a Razer Blade. HELL NO, the Razer Blade is 10x better than ordinary women but let's not forget it's just as good as dating a celebrity or supermodel, what's better than a Razer Blade.... nope nothing.

Imagine yourself being the eye of all attention, the Razer Blade is a statement, you might not like the price, but you will love the glory. Are you going to be the sheep or a wolf?

Why You Should Get it In...

Your House And Power It up

Okay well that pretty much sums up what the Razer Blade is all about...and why you may or may not want to buy it.

I doubt you'll get much out of it if you can't plug it up to the power and touch it's amazing LCD touchpad with green backlit keys on it's less than 1 inch aluminum custom frame. But hey maybe one day, you can buy one when everyone has it.

Do You Know Someone Who Bought This? - Please share pictures, and brag if you want.

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