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iPod Touch 5th Generation 16GB - Supplies Your Needs or Better Use Your Cell ?

Updated on July 29, 2013

iPod 5th Generation 16gb-32gb-64gb Player

You know, I kind of envy you, because as an iPod fan, I remember paying 430$ for an 8GB 1st generation touch, and then I upgraded to my current iPod, 2nd generation 32GB. It cost me another over 500$.

Now, with iPod 5th generation, which costs about 200$, itâs really a no brainer, especially considering it includes a 5MP camera, a significantly higher resolution screen (almost 5 times greater than my current one) and a much faster processor.

So I guess Iâm waiting for someone to steal my current one or for it to break, so I can have a good reason to upgrade and enjoy the technology.

What Fun Stuff Can You Do With an iPod ?

how much is ipod touch
how much is ipod touch

Photo courtesy of Quan

  1. Jogging with your iPod
  2. Download your loved music and listening
  3. Watching favorite movies, while riding a bus
  4. Listening to a radio show, in bed, while your spouse is asleep
  5. Reading an eBook, while lying on sofa
  6. Playing games, in your leisure time
  7. Use your iPod to store files from your computer
  8. Take pictures of your loved ones
  9. Install any application, which apple has to offer you, as their costumer
  10. Record lectures, which you attend, for later review
  11. Use your iPod as a Flashlight and a laser beam

best place to buy ipod touch
best place to buy ipod touch

Really Cheap iPod Touch Upgrade as a Laser Beam

I know, you've been wondering, how an iPod can be turned into a flashlight or a laser beam. The first time that this was done was in 2003, when many New York residents had no electricity and improvised their iPods to light their way at home.

Then, a much more automated and easier for use device was invented. Now, if you want, you can get the Griffin's iBeam and enjoy laser and flashlight capabilities, though the iPod 5th gen has a built in flash light, which may be activated with the right application.

Little accessories to make your iPod even more fun

Leegoal(TM) Black / Blue Hybrid Rugged Hard Silicone Case Cover w/ Stand for Apple iPod Touch 5
Leegoal(TM) Black / Blue Hybrid Rugged Hard Silicone Case Cover w/ Stand for Apple iPod Touch 5

I always like to get a case for my new iPod, since it protects against falls, and also looks very cool.

Generic Clear Screen Protector for Apple Ipod Touch 5 (5th Generation) - 3 Packs
Generic Clear Screen Protector for Apple Ipod Touch 5 (5th Generation) - 3 Packs

For me, a screen protector is a must, not just for an iPod but for my cell phone as well.


Please Share Your Thoughts - In what additional ways do you enjoy your iPod ?

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    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 4 years ago

      Nicely done.

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      chrisbrock lm 4 years ago

      Thanks for this lens.

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      It's nice

    • profile image

      paynui 4 years ago

      Aren't they wonderful?

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I am not sure whether I am going to buy an iPod but thinking to buy a cell phone for my mom :)

    • marktplaatsshop profile image

      marktplaatsshop 4 years ago

      nice lens, hope you will expand it with more info, thanks for sharing

    • Socialpro54 LM profile image

      Socialpro54 LM 4 years ago

      I want to buy one of them

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 4 years ago from Alabama USA

      Hi thanks for sharing this.

    • Mr Criminology profile image

      Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

      Nice lens, I will be looking forward for the next update.