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Active Recovery File Software

Updated on August 4, 2017

Recovery file software is abundant on the internet and one can choose from many software applications to use to recover those lost files. There are many reasons why data is lost but the main one is that people tend to create files without first saving the file to the computer. This need not happen if you always save your files and documents before working on them.

Another reason is that the hard drive is damaged and may need to be replaced. But all is not lost if you find the right software to use, there is a software online that is compatible with windows XP called Active File Recovery, this software will allow you to recover files that have been deleted and also damaged partitions from your hard drive. You may need to first find a software that is compatible with your computer, do some research online first to find the right one for you. Active file recovery will work with windows and is made to be compatible with windows component systems. this hub will touch on how you can install this program and use it to recover any lost or deleted files.

Search Online

OK go to the Google home page and enter active file recovery into the search box this will bring up the site, click on the site and it will take you to the page where you can download the software. Once you have found the page you can then download and install the software. It will take a few minutes to download, read the terms and agreement then after that you will be able to launch the program. Under local system devices on your computer you will be given the option of which drive you want to recover your data from once you have selected the drive you want to recover your data from you will see on the active file recovery screen options to choose from which are a full scan or a quick scan, you want to choose quick scan.

Quick Scan

So click on the quick scan option at the top of the screen to recover lost or deleted files. There is yet another option that you can use to recover damaged partition files on your drive, if you want to choose this option then there is a button called Super scan click on this to activate super scan and the software will scan your drive and fix any damaged partition files on your hard drive.

Recover Files

In the right side of the screen you should have a list of recovered files, this will give you the option of choosing which files you would like to recover and save to your computer once again. Take your time to go down the list and choose only those files that are important to you for recovery as the software will have a list for you to choose from. Once you have decided on which files you want to recover there will be a recovery button in the menu for you to click on. Once you have recovered the chosen files you will then need to store them into a folder and location of your choice on to your computer, and that's pretty much all you need to do to recover lost, deleted or partitioned files. This software is easy to install and use for recovering lost files you will be glad that you can recover files with active file recovery. So before you decide on a data recovery software online try out active data recovery for windows you will not be disappointed in the results you will get from using this software.

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