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Recovery of Hard Disk Sections With the Help of TestDisk Program

Updated on November 18, 2016

The Advantages of TestDisc Program

The utility program, which we'll discuss here, is very effective for recovery of damaged or deleted sections of hard disk. It's very pleasant and simple to use. Although its form is rather simple, it's rather functional in usage. The main advantage of TestDisk is that it exists in two variants: simple (for working with windows) and emergency (for working with DOS), when the main section with system files is damaged and we need to recover it quickly not having other data carriers, from which it would be possible to trigger the utility. Perhaps it's the only variant in case the system is damaged, which guarantees its recovery and right work. It's suitable for using in case of data recovery from RAID massive.

How does it starts?

Data recovery starts
Data recovery starts

After the first start of the program it'll ask you, if it's necessary to guide the report about all the operations done. Well, generally we don't need it, so close this window, press "No log". For preceding press "Enter".

Choosing of media
Choosing of media

In this window we have to choose the hard disk or its section, which we need to repair and recover. Even if you don't remember its name, it's easy to orient according to the size. As a rule, the system disk is the smallest.

Next, we need to choose the platform. The most spread and suitable in most cases is Intel. So, we choose this. Don't forget, that navigation in the program works with the help of arrows on the keyboard, and the continuation of its work with proof on "Enter".

analize process
analize process

The next point we also leave without changes and after choosing "Analyze" we press "Enter". The program will star analyzing the hard disk and collect the information.

The start of search
The start of search

First press "Proceed", then "Search". It'll allow making more intensive search, which is available in this utility.

Searching process
Searching process

The search may take some time, which depend on the power of your computer and hard disk or section size, which is used at that moment. We need to wait.

Search Results
Search Results

When the utility stops working, we'll see the list of all sections, which have been found. In this case the utility has found only one, but this is what we were looking for. The size is suitable - this is the system partition. We choose it and press "Write". The utility will copy all the information onto the main section of the hard disk and will reboot the computer. Working Windows will download in the form, in which it was before data loose. All the information will be saved where it has to be, in its folders on its places. The TestDisk program is supplies with manual, where you can read about all this in more details. Here the work of the program stops, the files are recovered and the utility may be closed.

Have you ever lost data on a laptop, PC or RAID?

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    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 5 years ago

      You provide very helpful information. Thanks!

    • DataRet profile image

      DataRet 5 years ago

      @mihgasper: Thanks you Mihgasper for visiting and commenting on my lens

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very useful info. Thanks for sharing!

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      A RovingReporter 5 years ago

      Great info. Thanks for sharing.

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      Sooner or later every owner of hard disk will use TestDisk to recover inaccessible sections. Thumbs up!