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How to Remove Windows Security Suite Virus

Updated on May 28, 2011

Step 7 Image

Step 7 Image. Malwarebytes software ready to scan
Step 7 Image. Malwarebytes software ready to scan | Source

Step 9 Image

Step 9.  Malwarebytes software completed scan.
Step 9. Malwarebytes software completed scan. | Source

Step 10 Image

Step 10. Malwarebytes example of results page.
Step 10. Malwarebytes example of results page. | Source

Removing Malicious Software

If you go to websites, you can be susceptible to computer viruses. For example, if you play online games, watch videos, download free music and movies, or watch movies online you can pay a heavy price in fixing your computer system if the virus infects your computer. The Windows Security Suite is a malware (malicious software) that does more to annoy than destroy. Here’s how to remove the Windows Security Suite virus.

These instructions are easy. The only things required are a computer running Windows and Internet access.

Step 1

Realize that the terms Computer Virus and Malware are sometimes used interchangeably. The Windows Security Suite looks and behaves like a real Microsoft Windows anti-virus software but in reality, infects your computer files and continuously popup fake windows that disrupts you while you are using your computer.

Step 2

Understand that the Windows Security Suite virus protects itself by disabling real anti-virus software such as McAfee and Symantec.

Step 3

The resource to remove Windows Security Suite are listed below. There are two methods to removing the virus: manually or via software. If you are an advanced user who knows about editing the registry and disabling processes, removing a virus can be done manually.

Step 4

Removing a virus through software is much easier and cleaner but the scanning could take a long time depending on the number of files and speed of your computer. For example, a computer with 100 gigabytes (GB) of data could take two hours to scan with a Pentium III computer. On a Dual Core processor, it could take 20 minutes.

Step 5

A free malware remover can be found in the resources below. Download the Anti-malware software to your hard drive and install it in your computer.

Step 6

Allow the Anti-Malware software to update itself before you click on the Finished button.

Step 7

In the main menu of the Anti-Malware software, the software is ready to do a quick scan. Click on the Scan button to do a scan on your computer. If the Windows Security Suite malware continues to pop up bogus windows, just ignore them until the scan is complete.

Step 8

The time of the scan depends on the amount of data in your computer to scan. A computer with 100 gigabytes (100 GB) of data in the hard drive could take almost two hours to scan.

Step 9

When the scan is completed, click the OK button.

Step 10

Click on the Show Results button. You will see a list of files that are affected (if any). They should all be selected with a green checkmark.

Step 11

Click on the Remove Selected button. (None critical files will not be affected since Windows Security Suite is a fake anti-virus program designed to trick you into buying their product).

Step 12

After the infected files have been removed. You may be asked to reboot the computer. When the removal of infected files is complete, you will be asked to save the log file. You can choose to save or cancel. This completes the virus removal.

Tips & Warnings

This Anti-Malware software describe here will also find files infected by other viruses such as Antivirus System Pro, Windows System Defender, WinAntivirus, and a whole slew of others that major legitimate Antivirus software can’t defend against or remove from your computer.


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