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Review of the Niche Video Site Builder: from a user's perspective

Updated on September 21, 2011

Niche Video Site Builder Review

This lens provides a review of the Niche Video Site Builder. It is based on my experience with the script in building a video site on Squidoo affiliate marketing. I explain the steps involved in using Niche Video Site Builder and provide hints to make the most of this easy-to-use script.

Features of the Niche Video Site Builder

The Niche Video Site Builder draws on free YouTube videos to create a video site around your chosen keyword (tag). This enables you to target a specific niche.

  1. Video instruction of each step of the process
  2. Create unlimited niche video sites for one small, initial outlay
  3. Affiliate Program for purchasers that pays 50% commission.
  4. Ability to add your own banners, text link ads and ad blocks (from any source).
  5. Ability to ad your own Google AdSense ID to ads displayed on your video site (or to easily edit them out if you have been dropped by Google).
  6. Ease of editing of files for the top and side panels.
  7. Ready made templates supplied as a bonus (in addition to the default template).
  8. Search facility on your video site to enable visitors to search other YouTube tags. The resultant page display maintains you header and side panel displays.
  9. Now with automatic installer - just add your basic details and click.

The Viral Effect of Niche Video Sites

An interesting aspect of these niche video sites is that Google tends to index each new page whenever a video is watched.

On 9 January 2008 Squidoo Affiliate Marketing Videos site reached no 3 spot on Google for its keyword and the bookmark on Propellor for this site reached no. 8. The site was a week old at the time of this post.

CHECK out the number of pages indexed for this site by Google:

Number of pages indexed for Squidoo Affiliate Marketing Video Site

7 March 2009 - 220 pages

My latest niche video sites:

Where to sell digital photos

How to do affiliate marketing

Niche Video Site Builder - Step 1: Identify a competitive keyword

The niche video sites draw on YouTube videos that are tagged with the identified keyword. So the first step is to identify a high search/low competition keyword in the area of your interest (the "Bum Marketing" method).

Niche Video Site Builder - Step 2: Locate an affiliate product or program

The niche video site scripts enable you to add your own affiliate products or programs through banners, text links or block ads such as those provided by BetterTextAds or FavAds. You need to identify programs or products that fit into the theme of the video site you are creating. Of course, sometimes you will start with the product or program and then determine the desired keywords.

Niche Video Site Builder - Step 3: Purchase a domain name to match your tag/keyword

Video sites that have a domain name that matches their core keyword tend to receive higher rankings in Google (all things being equal). A matching domain name also helps to orient the visitor to the focus and content of the video site.

Niche Video Site Builder - Step 4: Purchase hosting for your new domain

You need to obtain a reliable host that provides you with ample capacity to store the files and manage the volume of visitors. I have used Hostgator for three years now and find they offer the best service. I know that they can accommodate the Niche Video Site Builder Script as I have my video site hosted with them. Their Baby Croc level hosting has unmatched features for the price. Hostgator's service with their online chat is superb and downtime is virtually non-existent.

Niche Video Site Builder - Step 5: Enter your details in the template


With a simple to use interface, select the template of your choice, enter your ftp details, keyword and adsense ID and click 1 button to get your site automatically installed and configured on your server! Nothing to download, nothing to edit, nothing to upload, nothing to tweak...

Check out the new Automatic Installer for the Niche Video Site Builder

Niche Video Site Builder Affiliate Program

The Niche Video Site Builder has an affiliate program for purchasers of the script that pays a generous 50% commission.

I have only started promoting the program recently and in the last two days made two sales - so my Niche Video Site Builder script cost me nothing. I can know create unlimited niche video websites for free.

Hint: promote the Niche Video Site Builder on your own video site that you create with the script.

NB. I think the Niche Video Site Builder is grossly underpriced at the moment because it is still in beta stage.

Free 7 day email course on Squidoo Marketing Strategies. Receive weekly follow-up emails with the latest Squidoo marketing tools, techniques, tips and strategies. Email support also provided to help you build and market your Squidoo lenses.

To subscribe to this free email course, created by the author of the Squidoo Marketing Strategies eBook, CLICK HERE

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    • profile image

      smadamij 5 years ago

    • profile image

      awle 7 years ago

      Hi, I am one of the users of niche video site builder. As far as the functionality concerned it is working fine for me. What i couldn't be happy about is the unrelated videos on my niche site. I know there are ways to avoid them but i found it to be a lot of work. I advice you update your sample sites, they are not there. My review is found at

      Keep on writing nice hubs.


    • profile image

      flyhigh 8 years ago

      I have bought niche video builder, it's a good product overall, you can read

      my review here =>>

    • ronpass lm profile image

      ronpass lm 8 years ago

      [in reply to CW33451] Thanks for this comment - what happened is that YouTube changed its display format code resulting in one video per page displaying. The Niche Video Site Builder has been revised into a version 4.1 (now on sale) to overcome this problem. All it means is that I have not got around to changing the script on my website (slack!) nor have some other people. The beauty of the program is that you get lifetime updates. So I've downloaded the new scripts and when time permits I 'll upload them again so the videos display properly. Thanks for the heads up on this - I was blissfully unaware.

    • profile image

      CW33451 8 years ago

      Yes, I hate buying products with no money-back guarantee.

    • profile image

      CW33451 8 years ago


      I'm not sure exactly when or why this has happened but I noticed today that ALL of the sample sites on NVSB, ALL of the example sites of a blogger who had reviewed NVSB a few months ago, as well as YOUR video site now only display only ONE video per page...not multiple videos as had previously been the case. Do you know why this has happened? Is it another example of the Google facists engaging in restraint of trade like they tend to enjoy?

      One video per page sucks and will surely reduce the viewer's experience and time spent on the site (while hopefully clicking ads or buying related products).

      Any comments?

    • ronpass lm profile image

      ronpass lm 9 years ago

      Google has reduced the number of pages it will index from a single niche video site - but how many sites have 10 pages indexed let alone 220 (last count for my Squidoo Affiliate Marketing video site).? On the other side of the coin, I notice that my niche video sites add to the page ranking and Google positioning of my primary domain ( I am using the niche sites as sub-domains of my primary site. There is potential here to have them form part of a membership site.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Today is January 28, 2009. Does anyone have anything good to say about Niche Video Site Builder as of now? I had received an email from JP promoting NVSB and found it very interesting and found that Google is banning some of the sites with youtube on them. How are you able to use youtube videos without the permission of the owner who made the video. Unfortunately there is no way to find out until it is to late. Please relpy a.s.a.p.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Keaka77 9 years ago

      Great review Ron..This works well with a few of my websites...

      watch free movies online

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Easy come, easy go, eh Ron? I just checked your site (Squidoo Affiliate Marketing Videos) and there's only 103 pages indexed. That's exactly what happened to my site and other peoples sites. Google has seen the light. NSVB is useless!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      So can you sell sites built with this script?

    • profile image

      gourmetcoffeesnob 9 years ago

      ^5 Ron

      ya hit the nail on the head...your lens told me exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted to know...good job Ron...Thanx.

      ~~gourmet coffee snob~~

      Always Drink Better Coffee

      spotajava coffee

    • ronpass lm profile image

      ronpass lm 10 years ago

      That's great news. My Squidoo video site now has 9,900 pages indexed by Google and the number grows every day as people view the videos on the site or use the search box to locate videos on other topics.

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      You might be interesting in presenting our new web service a 100% web based platform that will let you create your Youtube with your logo, colors and domain name.

      try it for free


    • Eddie Hudd profile image

      Alan K 10 years ago from UK

      Good review Ron. I actually bought NVSB the day V2.0 was released. I have already used on a number of existing sites and it works well - even a little too well on one site!!. 25 indexed pages before - now showing 879 pages