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RoamEO Pet Monitor System

Updated on September 20, 2015

RoamEO Pet Monitor System

The RoamEO Pet Monitor System is one of the most affordable solutions for tracking your pet. This system comes with the pet collar and the handheld receiver. The RoamEO system is best suited for pets who rarely roam away from home.

The range of reception is under one mile (radius of 500 acres) and when out of range the receiver will continue to give directions to the last known location until the collar can be located again. Great solution for medium to large size pets.

No additional activation fee or subscription fee required. This system works out of the box and the company Pet Tronix has a remarkable record for providing prompt and personal customer services (real people answer the phones and help you to resolve any issues or troubleshooting).

GPS Monitoring Systems For Your Pets. - Pet Tracking Electronic Technology.

Once a pet is missing, your feelings are sure to drag you into a somber mood and it's time to take some action to assist you in finding its location. Naturally, you needed to take advanced action to get a hold of an electronic device to put your pet-location-plan into future procedures. And the GPS pet monitoring systems shown here could be Just what you need.

RoamEO Pet Monitor System - PRODUCT FEATURES

RoamEO Pet Monitor System
RoamEO Pet Monitor System

One of the most prominent features of this RoamEO is no additional fees and no subscription needed for operation. This has been a rare find. This device uses a combination of satellite and radio signals to communicate between the collar and the handheld receiver.

500 Acre Range

Batteries and Battery Charger Included

No need for subscriptions (works right out of the box)

Reasonable price

Works in the city or in the woods

Follow set up and you are up and running in about 5 minutes (wait for the collar and receiver to calibrate with each other)

Prompt customer service

Less apparent antenna than competition models (regarding competition with 'whip' style external antenna)


What are people saying about the RoamEO Pet Monitor System

Out of the box operation (no subscription or activation fees required) the most common issue is faulty batteries (which consumers report the customer service and prompt to replace them) great for dogs who wander away from home on occasion.

Not for hunting or hiking as the internal antenna can not receive a signal for more than a 500 acre (or about 1 mile range).

Average Customer Review 4.1 out of 5 stars (16 customer reviews):

  • CON: Ofte arrives with bad batteries (may have been resolved -- reviews date back to middle of 2011 with this issue
  • PRO Prompt customer service and resolution (real people answer the phones at Pettronix)
  • Best pricing and no additional fees or subscription costs
  • "Display is very bright even in the sunlight"
  • "GPS dialed in quickly and with good accuracy"
  • Last Location (when out of range) so you can continue to track your pet until you are back within range of the receiver/collar connection

Great choice for pets who generally stay close to home but on occasion wander off. This is not the best for hunting or hiking (a longer range unit such as the Garmin Astro
would be best for longer ranges ).

The RoamEO will meet your needs with medium to large pets and the customer service is excellent if you should ever run into a problem with the device.

Video Showing The RoamEO Pet Monitor System In Action.

What Will You Use Your GPS Pet Monitoring System For?

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