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Robots in your service

Updated on March 6, 2009


Just imagine, you are running late for your office and your house is a mess. Being a bachelor it is not unusual, but this time you need it to be clean for the party at your place or for that hot date in the evening. There is no domestic help on the way, and any ways they are too much costly and are usually unreliable. So who is going to clean your house while you are out?


Don’t worry; imagine the same scenario, but this time with robots! Not the ones as big as humans or any industrial ones, but cute and cuddly round ones. With these you will find yourself leaving without worrying about anything. After you have left, in a quiet corner of your home, Scooba (floor cleaning robot) whirs to life. Shaped like a doughnut with wheels and equipped with infrared sensors (to help navigation and to avoid obstacles) and programmed to clean floors, Scooba will wash and then vacuum the floor till it shines. Once its job is finished, it will silently go back to its charging point and wait to repeat the procedure the next day. As Scooba getting charged, its companion Roomba (robotic vacuum cleaner) blinks to life and gets to work on the carpets and rugs. Small enough to fit beneath furniture and sofas, it faces no problem in getting to the hard- to- reach places and once the job is done, it too returns to its homebase.


Now-a-days, their features have become more futuristic. The latest models even incorporate Bluetooth functionality, which allow the robots to interact with mobile phones, and perhaps in the future it could help them report problems and updates via sms.



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