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Roll Up Electric Piano

Updated on November 27, 2014

Piano Playing Anywhere

Being able to play a piano anywhere is a great way to become a great piano player. Pianos are big instruments. You can't easily take a piano with you. If you are traveling in a car, you can't take a full size piano with you and practice while you travel. If you are going camping you can't take your full size piano with you. If you are traveling by bus or train or plane, you can't take a full size piano with you. You can take an electric piano keyboard with you, but most keyboards are two to four feet long and will take up a lot of space. If you could take along a piano that is compact taking up only about a square foot of space, it would be much easier to take your piano along to practice. Imagine being able to roll up a piano keyboard and pack it in your purse, backpack, bag, briefcase or suitcase. Then when you want to play the piano you can unroll the keyboard on the floor, a table or even a car's dashboard and play to your heart's content.

Piano keyboard
Piano keyboard

Roll Up Piano Advantages

Learning to play the piano takes a lot of practice. It can be difficult to get enough practice. Having a portable keyboard could make it easier, but even portable keyboards can be awkward to take with you. A roll up piano could be a solution. The keyboard rolls up to be able to fit in a bag or a backpack. All you will need is a flat surface to roll the piano out on. Some pianos have headphones so you can hear yourself practice without disturbing others. Some can be hooked up to your computer so your music can be saved on your computer. Some have beats that you can add to your music. Having music easily accessible wherever you are will help you to improve your musical abilities. A roll up piano may be the answer for you or your family to make playing the piano possible where it wasn't possible before.

Roll Up Electric Piano Auctions

Following are several choices for roll up electric pianos. You may find a roll up piano for a great price here. Give a roll up piano as a gift this year to some one who loves music or get one for yourself to take music with you anywhere you go.

Videos About Roll Up Pianos

These videos provide a fun view of roll up pianos.

Roll Up Piano Information

If you want more information such as reviews of different kinds of roll up pianos, here are some sites with additional information. Studying out your options before you buy will lead to a more satisfactory purchase if you choose to buy a roll up piano.

Roll Up Piano Reviews

Watch these videos to learn more about the differences in roll up pianos and to help you decide what roll up piano would be best for you.

More Roll Up Pianos

Here are more roll up pianos to check out and consider.

Serious Musical Instrument?

Can an electronic piano that rolls up and is portable be a serious musical instrument.

Would You Like A Roll Up Piano Keyboard?

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      I would like to buy 88 keys roll up piano.I am musician.