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Top 10 Latest Rooted Android Apps for Your Phone

Updated on October 28, 2014

Best Rooted Android Apps

Looking for ways for making the best use of your newly rooted smartphone?

These rooted android apps will give your smartphone that extra boost in functionality especially when it comes to battery life, speed and accessibility.

The icing in the cake is that most of these apps are free and are available from the Google Play store.

Let us just jump right in and review the best rooted android apps for your smartphone.

Anti-Theft App

Ever lost your smartphone and did not know what to do?

Losing your smartphone can be one of the most stressful experiences to have to undergo.

In fact, it is more stressful than even losing your wallet given the emotional attachment that we have to the devices.

Anti-Theft is a simple android app for rooted smartphones that lets you remotely track and control your device.

The app can run in discrete mode without the knowledge of the thief, take photos and capture sounds around the phone and disable functions such as use of USB ports.

This is the ideal app if you are ever going to have a shot at getting back your smartphone and would recommend you install it.

Screenshot Easy App

Do you have a burning tech question about your device that you want to ask the techies but do not have the words to explain your problem?

Screenshot Easy is a free android app that lets you take screenshots of whatever it is that your smart device is currently displaying. Just hold down the power button plus the volume down button for two seconds and you have your screenshot stored in memory.

Though it can work with non-rooted phones (somehow), you will need a rooted device to enjoy the full functionality of the app. Another small drawback is that your device has to be on Android 4.0 and above for it to work with the device.

Titanium Backup App

If you need to change the ROM of your device and do not want to lose your apps and data, Titanium Backup is the android app for you.

Calling Titanium Backup an app looks more of an understatement because it has proved over the years to be more than just that. The fact that this android app has been around for many years and is growing from strength to strength is an indication that it is a very useful tool indeed.

When backing-up your smartphone apps and data, make sure that you that the data goes to a separate directory that is not on your phone such as an external SD card. This will give you extra security in case the phone is lost or happens to crush.

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Disk Digger

Imagine coming home from that unforgettable holiday only to realize that your spouse has accidentally deleted all the photos that you took with your smartphone!

Disk Digger is a convenient app that recovers all the lost images or photos that may have been deleted from your internal memory or SD card. It can recover the images and then either store them on your storage medium or send you an email of the photos.

I can see some parents already getting ideas about recovering photos deliberately deleted by their daughters to conceal evidence of impropriety! Though that would be taking it a little too far, the app is a very convenient photo recovery tool that is a must have for your Android smartphone.

There are some few pros and cons of the app as can be seen from user reviews on the Google Play store. One of the most repeated complaints of the app is that it is limited in the type of files it ca recover – a problem that is solved by getting the pro version of the app which will set you back just $6.

Another issue that some users are experiencing is the fact that the app does not ask you to specify the directory you want to recover the images from and just does a batch recovery of the whole storage medium. Some users feel that the icon for the app should be changed as it looks quite cheap for the kind of functionality it is offering.

Those cons are certainly countered by the pros which include the relatively low cost of the pro version as compared to other similar apps and the ease of use of the app. Photos or images that are badly damaged can still be recovered using this app even if they have been overwritten on many times over.

Samba File-sharing App

This file-sharing app is the answer for those people who have a lot of data on their smartphones and want to access it from their Windows computers that are on the same Wi-Fi network. The app is also convenient for the seamless transfer of large amounts of data from your smart device to your computers.

The app has been completely upgraded to take care of earlier bugs that were giving it many negative reviews from users. Bugs such as the inability to work well with Jellybean and later versions has now been fixed. The user interface issues that were causing the app to appear as not running when in reality it was.

Updating to the new version might be a little problematic for some users but all the have to do is uninstall the old version then install the new one. That should give you all the features and improvements of the upgrade.

Helium Sync & Backup

Though it works well with root, this android app does not really require it because it will work just fine with the stock phones.

Helium app allows users to backup and sync data that is one other devices as well as on the cloud. One advantage that it has over other similar apps is that you do not have to be on the same network to enjoy its full functionality.

Helium is definitely the best app for mobile gaming but the developers will have to do something about an apparent bug that makes it less efficient in handling very large files.

There are also reports of some users having trouble backup to Google Drive and even Drop Box – could be related with the device been used. Overall, the app is worth every cent spent on it and hopefully the developers will be fixing the reported bugs soon.

Autorun Manager

Do you feel frustrated when you start your device and find that it takes some time to boot? This is caused by the fact that many applications will automatically start when you boot up your device. The Autorun Manager is a great way of deciding which apps open at start-up so as to conserve system resources.

A point of caution though – by the very nature of the Android platform, some apps are designed to restart on every reboot and it is advisable not to interfere with them.

The technical nature of the app appears to be designed for technically capable people and it would be better for the non-technical people to steer clear of this app so as to avoid messing their other applications.

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