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Rugged Backpack for Laptop

Updated on October 6, 2014

Excellent laptop backpack

Man, not only do I have one of these (albeit a slightly older version), but so do both of my business partners. This thing is rugged as all getout, and it's just awesome. I've machine washed it a handful of times, and the backpack has no issues whatsoever. I've tossed the thing around and picked it up by the (pretty convenient) top straps, thrown it into the back of my car or trunk with no forethought whatever, and generally been pretty rough on the thing. It's definitely durable, to say the least.

It also has a really nice padded area for a laptop, which is super convenient for me, because I travel a lot. Being able to keep an extra charger for my laptop (pro tip, you can pay me for that one later) and my cell phone, travel toothbrush, etc still leaves plenty of room for the clothes I'm packing for the trip (granted, I don't bring along suits or anything like that). Over the last several years, this backpack and I have been on probably 100 road trips and plane trips together. In some states, we may well be common-law married.

Seriously, though- all three of us really like the Swiss Gear backpack. I was kind of ambivalent when my partner suggested getting this particular model (and she was absolutely adamant about this exact one), but having owned it now for the better part of five years and having treated it the way I've treated it, I can say for sure that this is a solid investment.

My personal pics of my laptop bag

I'm very happy with all the various pouches.
I'm very happy with all the various pouches.
Awesome multiple compartments for added functionality.
Awesome multiple compartments for added functionality.


I just used this very laptop backpack to transport an awesome drawing I did as a 9 year old kid (possibly younger) of Lou Ferrigno as "The Incredible Hulk" to Comic Con here in Richmond. I got Lou Ferrigno to sign said drawing, and then I used said bag to transport it safely around the convention all day. That is how much I trust this bag.

If you're looking for a laptop bag you can carry across the country, stuff underneath airplane seats, and take everything out of and then wash in your washing machine on high, this is it. The last bit - running it through the washing machine- is an absolute must for me, because I also use this bag as a suitcase of sorts, and so, of course, dirty clothes end up in there. When I get home from a trip like that, though, all I need to do is wash the clothes- and the backpack. Awesome. I do always hang it to dry, though.


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