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"Cannot find Rundll.exe" - solve it forever! (Windows 7)

Updated on June 18, 2013

Rundll.exe error

Rundll.exe error - solve and forget!

Have you ever faced the Rundll problem or still have this annyng error on your PC?

Get rid of it as lots of people have done before you!

There is a fast and easy solution - simply download Rundll FIx Wizard now.

This Wizard is a tested way to solve Rundll problem in one click!

Rundll.exe and Rundll32.exe - what is it?

Rundll.exe is a part of Windows Operating System process, needed for correct work of essential applications. As an important process, it should not be disabled, BUT it also can be a part of malicious programs. Of course, in such case it has to be removed immidiately.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step manual solution of the Rundll problem

At your own risk!

1. Find all parts of Rundll.exe problem. It is normally spread from 10 to 25 different files. Legal Rundll.exe files can be located in:

  • C:\Windows\
  • C:\Windows\System32\Drivers
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files

Remember: some harmful programs mask themselves as a legal Rundll.exe, particularly located in one of the two first directories, listed above.

2. Stop ALL running Rundll.exe and Rundll32.exe and connected processes, whether it is a malicious or a legal one.

3. "Regedit" utility is here to help you: delete all registry keys with autorun information, connected with Rundll.exe.

4. Restore corrupted legal file (Rundll.exe) from your Windows Operating System distribution, using helpful "sfc.exe" utility.

5. Reboot your computer to finish Rundll.exe problem solution.

Rundll.exe problem is solved! Forget of any error message!

Rundll problem solution - share your experience

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