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samsung galaxy note

Updated on March 26, 2016
samsung galaxy note

I saw an ad and I just HAD to get it! I decided to stop by the store to see if it was still for sale. I was SO excited to use it. The Samsung Galaxy Note is so refreshing. It’s a new way to stay connected. It’s portable, and it acts as both a mobile device and tablet. The touch screen is so amazing. It’s BETTER than any tablet I’ve used and A LOT better than my iPhone.

Business Use

I love to jot down quick ideas. I often need a way to capture ideas freely and without any problems. I needed something that works powerfully too. It’s so fast to use. I often have ideas on how I can improve my websites, or what I can do for the next steps. I quickly open up the app, and just jot it down.

I can’t do this on the iPhone since their screen is not big enough to use. The Galaxy Note is not even as big as it seems. It fits PERFECTLY into your pocket without any problems. I am really happy by its functionality. It is so thin to use. The display pixels are SO sharp.

How good is the Samsung Galaxy Note screen?

I really enjoy reading the wall street journal every morning. I often check my stock portfolios to see how they do. The numbers and graphs just dances across the screen. I often just trade from my samsung galaxy note just because of how enjoyable it is to watch the numbers change.

How I use the Samsung Galaxy Note to message and Group Chat
I can easily have just one side scrolling up and down, and I can simply transition to new chats without any down time. I just click a conversation or email and I can read one really quickly. I stay up to date with all my friends along with important business contacts. I can quickly go back to an old message if I want to learn what the other contact said. And I don’t have to waste time and wait for the message to load – it’s instant.

How easy to use the Samsung Galaxy Note for scheduling?

It’s sooo easy. I love to schedule my entire day, and it would alert me minutes before I had something important. It was so helpful for me in case I ever needed to remind myself of any important business calls. I never had any problems again. I could easily invite contacts to events as well and it would notify me whether the person can make it or not.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Note have Good Battery Life?

An astounding YES. Their 2500mAH battery lasts for a good twelve hours before the phone dies, even on heavy usage.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note good for taking notes?

Of course! It’s so precise – and when I touch the screen with the pen, there are no problems at all. Most of the time I don’t like using the iPhone because it’s so insensitive and it would make a big smudge. This time, it has no problems, and I am able to jot every thing down with full precision. The new S technology helps to accomplish this.

Something really cool, I could be on a web page. I could circle part of the page, and drag it onto a note sheet. This is an EXCELLENT way for me to keep track of ideas that I’m researching. I can instantly share notes through email to my other marketer friends. Usually, they send me notes of the EXACT same pages and news articles I was reading as well! K.M.I is my favorite partner I exchange images with.

How is the Samsung Galaxy Note price?

At $600 for an unlocked phone – it is WELL worth it. It is about the same price as the other phones, but for it’s feature, it makes a christmas gift that will never be forgotten.

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