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Samsung Galaxy S II Cases, Covers and Accessories

Updated on February 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

In the market for Samsung Galaxy S2 cases and accesories? Smartphones nowadays can be hefty investment albeit one that devalue so quickly. So in order to protect our gadgets from scratches and shock in case of accidental fall, a good cover and case is essential. They are also perfect for people who have an active lifestyle or work that constantly subjected their phone to harsher condition.

If you are kind who appreciates the slimness of your phone then the popular Barely There Cases is good fit since it still complement the thin profile of the phone. If you want a tough and durable cases, then the excellent OTTERBOX series is a great choice but it adds more bulk to the handset but making it feel very sturdy and durable in the process.

Before you decide to buy a case for your SG S2, make sure that it is the exact pair for that particular model because Samsung releases variation in design for International and North American cellular network. Like the design for International unit is slightly different for AT&T and the same goes for Sprint and T Mobile versions. Check if that is the right case for your phone else it will not fit snugly or if at all.

*image: Ultra Silke Series for SG S2 (i9100) by SGP

Case-Mate Pop! - Case with Stand for Samsung Galaxy S II

The Case-Mate Pop! is a nice combination of rubber and plastic material. One of the well-reviewed products on the Amazon for it's well implemented design. The non slip rubber on the corner makes for a nice and functional accent that allows for slip-free grip. This particular protective case was designed specifically for international and AT&T version only. This is also available to other SG II models, just head over to the manufacturer's official website for other carrier specific cases.

* a snug fit that protects the back and the sides of the phone against scratches.

* built-in stand for comfortable viewing while on your desk or table.

* ports and buttons can easily accessed

* This is NOT intended for Sprint and T-Mobile unit.

Barely There Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy S2 - Slim, Snug Fit Case

If want to use protective cases but still want to keep slim profile of the handset then the next best thing out there is the 'Barely There' series by Case-mate. All of the buttons like the volume key, camera shatter key and the power switch exposed so access is much easier. In addition it doesn't add much bulk as compared to other covers and keeps the desirable svelte look of your Galaxy S2.

Review of Casemate Barely There Case

Superleggera PRO - Dual Layer Case

The combination of soft silicon case and durable polycarbonate shell makes sense if you want to toughen up your phone in the event of unintentional drops and impact. The silicon case hugs the unit gently and acts as a buffer against impacts while the polycarbonate layer makes for a comfortable grip and protects against scratches.

*compatible for international and AT&T (SGH-I777) version

* soft silicon layer cushion against impact

* polycarbonate cover for protection against scratches

SGP Leather Case Argos Series - Slick and Stylish Leather Case

The leather case adds a touch of classy and elegant look to your Samsung phone. The NON-magnetic case will not interfere whatsoever and comes with a protective flap that acts as a screen cover when folded.

Tough Cases for Samsung Galaxy SII

Save yourself from future heartbreak and tears in the event your phone slips out of your hand and fall into the pavement. This tough case may add a little girth to your unit but I'd say it's all worth it with the protection and peace of mind it can bring.

If you want to protect your phone a step further there are manufacturers like OTTERBOX and Case-mate has a line up that offers thorough coverage of your phone with excellent series of protective cases. The materials used for tough cases makes your phone a little thicker and heftier but it safeguard your Samsung Galaxy S2 against physical damage much better.

Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2's screen is made with ultra tough Corning Gorilla display. If you have a habit of putting your phone inside your pocket along with abrasive objects such as keys and coins, then installing a screen protector can add another layer of protection for good measure.

You can also buy clear screen protector and the matte or anti-glare protector. You may want to consider a matte cover if your hate constantly wiping those fingerprint smudges off your screen and it also acts as anti-glare against reflection from different light sources. The disadvantage is that matte seems to dull the overall quality of the display.

Pink Flowers Hard Snap On Case Cover - Add Personality to Your Phone

If you find black or gray boring, then these cases are maybe the one you are looking for to add more life and personality to your Galaxy S2

GTMax Black Rubber Hard Snap On Protector Cover

Generic cover tailored specifically for AT&T Version.

elago S4 BREATHE Case for Galaxy S2

elago S4 BREATHE Case for Galaxy S2 (European/Asian version only) - White
elago S4 BREATHE Case for Galaxy S2 (European/Asian version only) - White

Elago Design S4 BREATHE for Galaxy S2, Carefully designed and constructed with a durable Polycarbonate for your Galaxy S2. Polyurethane coated to protect from scratches and for better grip.


Brushed Aluminum, Barely There Case by Case-Mate

Many complain about the Galaxy S2 for being a little plasticky for such a premium device. Well fret no more because the Barely There Case is highlighted by brush aluminum plate at the back which is complemented by gunmetal corners for that sought-after quality look and feel.

*comes with brushed aluminum cover

*gunmetal plastic cover

*easy to install - just snap the phone in the case

*snug fit


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