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Samsung Galaxy S3 Running Armband

Updated on May 3, 2013

Top Samsung Galaxy S3 Running Armband For Your Sporting Activities

As you go out jogging or working out, it is necessary to bring along your phone in case of any emergency but most people do not like the idea of carrying their phone in their pockets. Well, certainly not the expensive Samsung Galaxy S3 for sure!

But the Featured Image

Best Galaxy S3 Armband

Running Armband For Samsung Galaxy S3

This galaxy S3 armband will hold your Samsung galaxy S3 nice and secure as you workout. Although most customers have found it works well for them, others have recorded some drawbacks.

Some of the great qualities this armband case has to offer include;

Comfortable fit

Adjustable armband that stretches from 9 to 17 inches

A clear protective window cover to allow for easy navigation on the touchscreen

Has a reflective logo to help in those dark winter mornings/evening

Some of the drawbacks of this case are;

You will not be able to use your Samsung galaxy S3 protective case with this armband. So using this running case will require you taking out your phone each time you want to use it.

The running armband may get soaked with sweat while you workout.

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Blue Belkin Armband For Samsung Galaxy SIII

This Belkin sports armband for galaxy S3 works well to hold your phone firmly while you workout although it is lightweight. It fits very comfortably and will not add extra weight to your phone and with its longer, adjustable strap, anyone can use it.

Another great thing about this case is that it comes in bright colors and has a convenient pouch where you can put your home or car key as you work out. The drawback of this Samsung galaxy S3 running armband seem to be the fact that it is not sweat resistant and soaks up sweat as you work out.

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High Rated Samsung Galaxy S3 Running Case

These are some of the high rated Samsung galaxy s3 armbands for running that are available on Amazon. These running cases are made with high quality materials that fit the arms comfortably and fit snugly with your galaxy S3 smartphone.

Now you can go ahead and download those fitness apps that will enable you monitor and track the progress of your workout session because you've got one of the best cases to carry your phone along.

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Cheap Armband For Samsung Galaxy S3 On eBay - Galaxy S3 Running Cases On Auction

EBay is a very good marketplace where you can get almost anything you want and at discount prices. There are a variety of Samsung Galaxy S3 armbands on eBay and if you prefer to shop on eBay, you can be rest assured you'll get an armband that will fit you.


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