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iPad Mini 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Vs 10.5 Review

Updated on October 7, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Samsung Galaxy Tab S

After years of pushing underwhelming devices into the market, Samsung may just have got it right with its new line of tablets that was unveiled recently.

Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, it presents a departure from the past and now has the qualities to give established player Apple a run for its money.

The Tab S has two models- the 8.4 inch version which is tagged at $399 and the 10.5-inch version which is priced at $499. Each comes in either “dazzling white” or “titanium bronze” finishes and there are indications that LTE-enabled versions are on the way.

As expected, the LTE enabled versions will cost up to $100 more but this price will go down as it normally does some time after the initial launch.

Galaxy Tab S features

The Tab S has a raft of useful features that will set it apart from the previous models and is likely to earn it a loyal following in the months to come.

Tab S Screen

Among the most attractive feature of the Tab S will most definitely be the Samsung Super AMOLED screen that delivers a rich and vibrant colour output.

The screen resolution of this device is an impressive 2560X1600 (way above full HD) which is switched on and off depending on what you are doing.

If, for instance, you are just reading some text, the screen will adaptively reduce the intensity and rump it back up if you are watching a HD movie.

The following is the official Samsung video introducing the Galaxy Tab S:

The AMOLED screen technology that the Tab S uses gives it a fast response time because of a thin layer of semiconducting material that is placed on top of an OLED layer. In fact a screen using this technology typically operates at over one thousand times faster than a typical LCD screen.

Because the light on the screen comes from individual pixels rather than from backlighting, the contrast of AMOLED screens is more richly defined.

This means that the Tab S screen will give a true black because only the relevant sections will be dimmed or completely turned off.

The wide viewing angles that the Super AMOLED screen offers allows maximum screen real estate to be effectively utilized.

Though the technology is amazing and deliver high quality images, it also has some disadvantages in that it is more prone to image burn in. Samsung must have factored that issue when it decided to use the technology on the Galaxy Tab S.

What’s more, the issues with image burn-in were raised with the earlier versions and this must have been sorted with subsequent iterations.

Other features of the Galaxy Tab S

Fingerprint Scanner that allows one to perform direct PayPal payments and have as many as three fingerprints per user

Camera- the Tab S comes with an 8MP back camera and a front facing 2.1MP camera that is best suited for video chats.

The tab can record full High Definition (1920x1080) video at thirty frames per second. Video play-back formats that are supported by this tab are H.263, WMV8, VP8, VC-1 and H.264.

For the audio formats, apart from MP3, it will support both AAC and AAC+ as well as FLAC, WMA and eAAC+.

Processor of the Tab S is a 1.9Ghz/1.3Ghz quad octa-core Samsung Exynos 5 process and comes together with 3GB of RAM

Storage includes 16GB of in-built capacity together with a further 128GB that is gotten through the provided micro-SD cards

Tab S Accessories: among the most notable accessories of the Samsung Tab S is the Simple and Book Covers.

A novel innovation with these is that they are attached to the tablet through fasteners which are part of the casing.

Software features of the tablet include a re-designed version of Milk Music that is a streaming service that made its debut with the Galaxy range of smartphones.

Other software that comes with the slate include QuickConnect and SideSync 3.0. Other apps that have been pre-installed in the tabs are S-Note, Samsung Link and Group Play.

Apps such as Gear Manager and E-Meeting are available for download from the store.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Versus iPad Mini 2

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is surely a significant improvement to the Samsung line of tablets, one limiting factor is that, truth be told, it is still an Android device. How it matches up to the iOS platform for iPads which is more mature and broader only time will tell.

Lets hold the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 against the iPad Mini 2 and see what sets them apart in terms of price, appearance and other features.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Vs iPad Mini

Galaxy Tab S 8.4
iPad Mini
$399 (16GB), $499 (4G LTE)
$541 (16GB), $659 (128GB/4G)
Titanium bronze / Dazzling White
Space Grey / Silver
Screen Size
8.4 inch
7.9 inch
Screen resolution
2560X1600 (359ppi)
2048X1536 (336ppi)
Eynos Octa-Core 1.9Ghz+1.3Ghz
Apple A7 chip 1.3Ghz
16GB + 128GB microSD
16GB (128GB available at higher price)
Bluetooth 4.0, MIMO,GPS
Bluetooth 4.0, MIMO,GPS
Rear Camera
Front Camera
Android KitKat 4.4
iOS 7
5 stars for Samsung Galaxy Tab S


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    • gitachud profile image

      David Gitachu 3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks, it is becoming apparent that Samsung is really catching up when it comes to tablets and it is only a matter of time before it overtakes iPad tablets -- but that is just my opinion -- diehard Apple fanatics will surely disagree with it.