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Samsung T24A350 Review

Updated on September 30, 2012

Samsung T24A350 Review

The Samsung T24A350 is a HDTV computer monitor that provides excellent image quality for your work and play needs. One is the best features of the T24A350 appears to be that it allows you to watch television while working through its picture in picture technology. Customers also love that there is no need for external speakers because the monitor provides good sound quality.

Those who have purchased this monitor say that the assembly is easy. Also, Samsung has made it easy to find cable channels by having the Samsung T24A350 automatically scan for cable and antenna channels and remove scrambled ones.


--Picture in Picture: work on your computer and watch tv at the same time.

--ConnectShare: watch videos and other media files without turning on your computer.

--two HDMI inputs: get high definition input from your blu ray player, gaming consoles, and more.

To see all of the features of the T24A350 click here

Included in the box:

--Samsung T24A350 Monitor;

--VGA cable;

--power cable;

--Remote control

--Two AAA batteries for the remote

--2.5mm & 3.5mm male to RCA audio cable; and

--A clip to organize cables

Not included in the box:

--Paper-based manual (e-manual is built into the monitor)

--HDMI cables

The T24A350 has a five star customer rating (out of 5 stars) at Amazon and overall, this HDTV monitor appears to be an excellent choice for those in the market to purchase one.

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The Samsung T24A350 has a one-year warranty

What's Your Favorite Feature On the Samsung T24A350?

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