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The Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases, Covers and Screen Protectors

Updated on August 11, 2013
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Scientist, writer, audiophile and smartphone addict, Will Apse, loves explaining tech issues in a way that anyone can understand.

Even, as 2012 draws to its end and newer phones arrive on the scene the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still a very fine and desirable phone.

In fact, it is so wonderfully thin and attractive phone, that you might not want to hide it away in a case at all.

There are times, though, when the need for protection outweighs appearances. Some kind of case or cover for the S2 is essential for long trips or if you routinely carry your phone in a bag or backpack.

A few of the best cases and screen protectors for the Galaxy S2 can be found below.

Most Popular Case?

The single most popular case for the S2 seems to be the matte black TPU model from Diztronic. Thermoplastic polyurethane is tough, won't stretch and absorbs shocks well.

The cutouts are accurate, so no problems with the camera or ports. There is enough of a lip at the front to protect the screen if you drop it face down.

It's no show-stopper but it is a very practical case at a good price.

Armor Case in Hot Pink

For anyone who is worried about dropping their phone or routinely gets involved in sports and adventure, this case will give peace of mind.

The rubberized corner pieces will protect against big shocks. The hard shell layer spreads the impact of hitting a table edge or door which is absorbed by the silicone inner layer,

You can remove the silicone layer and use it as a slim cover.

Black Leather

A genuine high-quality leather case is ideal if you want a luxurious case that will protect against scratches. PDair use very soft leather- like the best glove leather and there is support from a rigid frame. The stitching (one of the biggest problem areas with phone cases) is neat and strong.

The disadvantage. of this case is that you need to remove the phone when you want to use it. On the other hand, there is access to the charging port.

Slip Case

If you want a case with minimal impact on the S2's beautiful design a slip case pouch can be perfect.

This model is in simulated leather and feels good to the touch as well as looking pretty stylish. The downside is that there is no padding and the inner liner is a little rough. The stitching at the bottom looks as if it could be a weak point.

For the price and the style, though, it is a case worth giving a thought.

SGP Ultra Capsule

This is one of the more expensive cases for the S2 but it is also one of the most stylish. It is made of tough, highly scratch-resistant thermo-plastic that adds a lot of overall strength to the S2. It also has a beautiful pearly-smooth finish that really catches the light.

There are a range of colors to choose from but black is the most popular by a long way and emphasizes the slender profile.

All ports are accessible and the case is a perfect fit, so there is no shifting around in the case. With the best kind of screen protectors this case should let you carry your phone in a bag or pocket with a high degree of confidence.

Real Leather Pouch Case

This is a stylish pouch to wear on a belt with tough clips and a magnetic catch. Quality stitching is a big plus and the seams are glued for extra strength.

The soft interior will not scratch the S2.

Economy Silicone Skin from GTMax

Silicon skins have the advantage of being non-slip and not showing scratches and scuffs easily. This particular model is also one of the most economical. Combined with a quality screen protector it will do the job of protecting your phone from bumps and knocks.

My issue with silicone covers is that they do not prevent the Galaxy S2 from flexing- the phone can come under a lot of pressure if you keep it in a backpack, for example. The S2 is such a slender phone that a little structural support seems like good insurance.

If you use a silicone skin, don't keep it in your back pocket. You might forget and sit down on your precious phone!

Colorful Snap-on Hard Shell Case

Another inexpensive case from GTMax is a hard crystal shell case. They are sold in pairs with one case being a pink flowery design and the other a sort of black and white tiger stripe.

They offer plenty of protection to the back of the phone but will scratch more easily than something like the Ultra Capsule above.

A thin film LCD screen protector is also supplied, but for serious screen protection the only product I would rate highly is the Steinheil described at the bottom of the page.

Skinomi Carbon Fiber Protector

This is not a case but an ultra-tough, ultra-lightweight cover for the back of the Galaxy S2. It is almost scratch proof despite being only one millimeter thick.

There is an adhesive on one side of the film that makes application straightforward and liquid free. The open grid nature of the carbon fiber allows air pockets that might form during fixing to escape. There is also little chance of peeling.

The appearance of the film is like a micro-mesh black grid, as you can see in the photo.

A high quality Skinomi Screen protector (described separately below) is also supplied.

Powerpack case
Powerpack case

PowerPack Juice Case for the Galaxy S2

If you find you are regularly running out of juice for your S2, a battery extender from the New Trent range can be a good buy. These will give you several hours of extra use from your phone. They are ideal on trips and for power users who find their phone use curtailed before they can get home and recharge.

Samsung recently announced a case with a built in rechargeable battery offering an extra 1300mAh (milliamps per hour) capacity. The onboard S2 battery is not much bigger-1650mAh- so this case means a lot more talk, movie and game time.

Screen Protectors for the Galaxy S2

Screen protectors can be thick or thin. They can be applied dry and rely on static cling or they can be applied with liquids and adhesives.

Applying a screen protector to a smartphone (even one with a big screen like the S2) is a lot easier than applying one to a tablet like the Motorola Xoom. Even so, it is worth checking out the how-to videos that get posted at sites like You Tube. Sometimes, a simple trick like applying from side to side rather than up and down can save you the frustration of bubbles appearing or dust getting under the screen protector.

Steinheil Screen Protector for the S2

Steinheil make some of the best screen protectors in the world. The unique material of the ultra series is pretty thick, very hard to scratch and hates oil of any kind- which is why it is so hard to get fingerprints on it.

The application is dry so there are no messy adhesives to worry about.If you check out the video below you will see just how easy application is.

It is probably the most highly rated screen protector for the Droid and for HTC phones of all kinds and will probably be a favorite of Samsung S2 owners as well.

Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi screen-protectors are extremely tough and will resist assaults with power tools and knives- you might have seen the vids. The plastic is a tough military kind that is used to protect aircaft. It is pretty thick and stiff and very hard to scratch.

The downside with all Skinomi products is that they require a wet application. You wet the protector with the supplied fluid. then you smooth the protector onto the screen. If you are not used to the process or don't read the instructions carefully, you can get into a mess.

Bubbles will almost certainly appear, however carefully you do the application. In most cases they will disappear after a day or so. Sometimes they don't.

On the plus side, Skinomi offer a guarantee to replace the screen protector for the lifetime of your S2. This a pretty safe offer from Skinomi. Once applied successfully, the screen protector will last and last.

Steinheil Ultrafine

Fine screen protectors have less impact on screens. There is less change in touch response (good for gamers). There is less chance of rainbow effects.

The Ultrafine range from Steinheil can't offer the same resistance to sharp objects that the Skinomi above can but they are still useful to reduce fingerprints to a minimum and hard enough to prevent dust and grit scratching the surface.

They are applied dry.

Steinheil Installation on a Galaxy S- principle is the same for the S2

Accessory Bundle for the Galaxy S2

I am guessing that the headset is not top quality, given the price, but you get a lot of silicone skins and a couple of standard thin screen protectors for under thirty dollars.

The full set:

  • Seven separate silicone cases in a dazzling array of colors.
  • Rapid Car Charger
  • Travel Charger
  • USB Data Cable
  • Two LCD Screen Protectors
  • A universal mesh carrying case
  • Microphone Headset
  • Fishbone Headset Wrap1
  • Car Mount Holder


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