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online Purchasing !Safe or Not

Updated on August 3, 2016

Safety Measures While Online Shopping

We all love brands because of their high quality and comfort.Just to get the best quality we don't even gave a second thought and get ready to pay even a good amount.
" How would you feel?" If you came to know that you have given the amount for the brand but you are getting the local product in that. shocking!but this is a reality. Nowadays, there are so many frauds in the market who are playing the mind games and cheating the customers. You don't even get to know and got cheated.One can escape from this by simply keeping themselves alert. We don't want you to become the victim of these frauds anymore, so here I am mentioning some points that can help you to buy the authentic products only.

Buy Products From Authorised Stores Only

If you don't have an idea of how to check the originality of the product ,then it's better to buy that from its authorised stores only. If you are purchasing the product from stockist then check the legitimate of the stockist by visiting their website.
Be careful while purchasing the product in sale offered by the roadside seller,marketplaces, less well-known internet sites.

Be aware of hacked websites

There are so many masterminds prevailing in our society that can easily hack the branded sites and sell the local products at the higher rates. Be aware of such frauds. If you don't know how to check the sites authenticity ,then you can apply some of these methods before purchasing any product. You might face problem in logging in the website -it often refreshes itself after logging in.If something looks strange or doesn't feel right, log out, and log back in again. If it's still not right, contact the company whose product you want to purchase.They will help you in getting the authentic product at the right price.

Your personal and financial information can be misused

There are so many online cases in which these fraud websites have misused the personal and financial information of the buyer.They can either use your personal information to make the further purchase ,or even use your personal details to set up hundreds of illegal sites selling counterfeit goods."

Safety payment

While making an online payment you should be very careful. By checking the website address you can ensure that your payment is safe.Always remember the website address begins with 'https' at the payment stage, as "this indicates secure payment".Watch out for pop-ups appearing asking you to confirm your card details before you are at the payment stage. Never enter your PIN online."

Genuine Sites Follow Return Policy

If there is any site , who is not following return policy , then the scene is green-eyed.
You must check this policy before making any purchase.

It is necessary to check this, as genuine sites always offer the opportunity of returning the product if the customer is unsatisfied. Keep this point always in mind before making any purchase.

Check the postal address

If any site is mentioning only the email and p.o. the box then also time to be alert.

Read public reviews and forums

If you are buying from the new site, then before taking any action it's better to read public reviews and discuss on the forum regarding the authentication of the sites.
By discussing on the forums and checking the review list, you can protect yourself from the scams.

Huge discounts

Huge discounts

If you are getting the huge discounts online on the expensive product then the scene is doubtful.You should be careful .

If you have been a victim of some of the scam then you can use some of these tips to get back your money.

Recovery tips from the scam.

  • Follow section 75

you have paid for the product but didn't get it or seller is found to disappear then you can use the section 75 but that is applicable after knowing the type of scam you have fallen into.
Online payments are made through credit cards so you have a greater safety measure in that.You can make a claim against your card provider under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.under Section 75, the credit card company is jointly and severally liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the company.
But that condition can only apply if you have made the purchase of £100 and not more than £30,000.

  • In case of debit card use charge back

If the payment is made through the debit card then the charge back policy can help you in recovering your money.It is not enshrined in law but is part of Scheme Rules, which participating banks subscribe to.Rules may vary with the different cards like Visa, Maestro and American Express networks.
You cant be assure 100% in case of getting money through charge back policy.

  • Transaction made without your notice

If you found some unauthorised transaction to be done without your notice then you can claim for that.The Payment Services Regulations 2009 and the Banking Conduct of Business rules place obligations on banks and building societies to provide a refund in these circumstances.

  • Check the relevance of the emails

Don't reply to any emails without knowing their authenticity.Complete no to those emails who guarantee you a good amount by simply paying some money to them to release that funds.

We all love discounts in the fervor of saving money, but every discount is not a worthful one .Same goes with branded products, please cross check the authenticity of the product while making the payment, because you never know whether you are paying for the right product or not.
With a little bit of carefulness and smartness, one can be saved from these type of double- dealings.Before buying products online keep these points in mind and pay for the genuine products only.

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