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The 5 Best Satellite Speaker Stands

Updated on May 16, 2016
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Scientist, writer, audiophile and smartphone addict, Will Apse, loves explaining tech issues in a way that anyone can understand.

Speaker stands can look great as well as giving you the best movie or big game experience.
Speaker stands can look great as well as giving you the best movie or big game experience.

Why does a speaker stand give you better sound?

I'm guessing most people know the answer to this question already but if you don't, here is the low down.

Modern movies make great use of sound. Sound can make or break a movie scene. If the good guys are being stalked, menacing sounds from behind can really send a shiver down your spine. If a jet plane flies over head you can almost feel the rush of air through a movie theatre,

With a good surround sound you get get equally good effects in your home. Quality speakers are one step but even the best speakers won't deliver if they are not placed properly. The best set up is to have three speakers in front at pretty much the same level with 2. 3 or sometimes even 4 speakers behind the listener. The speakers behind the listener should be high up. This will give the most natural effect and the greatest illusion of being right in the movie or game.

For this, you need speakers that are adjustable for height and speaker stands that won't fall over, Also the look is important- good stands can really make a room look attractive. Tacky stands with cables sticking out the sides can look terrible.

Why are freestanding speaker mounts better than wall wall mounts? Often there is nowhere on the wall that will give you the perfect sound. Floor stands can be moved to just the right place.

Atlantic Satellite Speaker Stands in Black or Titanium

Sometimes, a company offers something that really hits the spot. These speaker stands from Atlantic are inexpensive but they are also stable, appealing and fully adjustable.

The cast iron base makes them tough and also heavy enough not to wobble, even on a carpeted floor.

There is a choice of black (with oak wood accents) or a titanium finish so you can blend them into almost any room.

They have an impressive maximum height of fifty inches.

The internal cable run keeps things neat and most speakers are easy to attach securely.

One of the most popular stands around for good reason.

Sanus Tear Drop

These are a good choice for smaller speakers. They will take up less floor space than the Atlantic stands above. The slender steel pillars almost disappear when you turn the lights down.

The tear drop design is simple and appealing. If you need to move the speakers the stands are a lighter than most models- but sturdy enough to be stable as long as they are not overloaded.

They are a first choice for anyone with Energy Take Five Classic speakers (not too secure in most stands) with easy fitting and solid result.

Sanus Systems EF-SATB
Sanus Systems EF-SATB

Sanus Systems Adjustable Satellite Speaker Stands

These stands are designed for speakers up to 10 lbs in weight. The cast iron base has a choice of floor spikes or rubber feet to keep it firmly in place on any surface. You can adjust the height from 28 to 42 inches to get the best sound effect.

The profile is European in style with a resilient powder coating in black.

The construction is specially designed to prevent vibration and deliver quality sound. They work especially well with many Klipsch, Onkyo and Polk speakers.


SANUS Wooden Stands

Some people complain when they find out that 'wooden' in this case means MDF, The fact is, MDF has many advantages for use as a speaker stand,.

The MDF here is heavy enough and solid enough to take very big speakers- up to twenty inches across!. The high density material will not resonate in the way that many wooden supports will. Acoustic isolation pads help too.Your bass will certainly not be making the floor vibrate,

Overall, they are simple stands that do an effective job, especially for the speakers at the front of a movie theater set up which need to be fairly low.

Sanus 31 inch Wooden Stands

The 31 inch version will hold speakers up to a weight of 15lbs securely.

Dayton SS-SAT

The Dayton SS-Sat stand is designed to accommodate smaller bookshelf style speakers up to ten pounds.

People who buy them like them for the reasonable price tag and solid construction. They are easy to assemble, come with carpet spikes and rubber feet as a choice and the cable can be run through the steel pillar.

Heavy duty and Adjustable
Heavy duty and Adjustable

Heavy duty PA DJ Club Speaker Stand MS06BP 1SP

Sturdy, no nonsense speaker stands in steel with a black finish. They can be adjusted in height from 31 to 48 inches.

Onkyo Stands in Silver

These are specially produced to hold Onkyo satellite speakers.

They are expensive but they are certainly stylish, solid and will do a great job.

Wall Mount Satellite Speaker Systems- the Best Solution for a Small Room

If you are setting up a sound system in a small room where floor space is hard to come by, wall mounts can be the answer. They are also useful if are worried about kids or pets knocking over your speakers.


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