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How to Save Money on your Phone Bill

Updated on April 10, 2009

With the cost of everything getting higher, everyone is looking for a way to spend less. One option is by changing your phone service provider from a land line to a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider, also known as an Internet phone service. Because of the many companies providing VOIP, they are all vying for your business and ware offering rates as low as $20 a month for unlimited long distance calling—some may even offer lower rates for your first 90 days of service.

One of the best features of VOIP is that it can be taken anywhere—from New York to New Delhi or from Atlanta to Austria—wherever you travel your VOIP phone can come along. How? Because an internet phone requires nothing more than a small electronic adapter with a few blinking lights on its front and  a few jacks in the back, all you have to da is plug your phone line in the jack and connect the adapter to your router and viola’—saving money has begun! In spite of all the pros of a VOIP—portability, price and personalization of features- there are some performance concerns to be aware of. These concerns are: 911 may not be dependable during a blackout, the occasional lapse of a dial tone, clarity, the assurance that calls are going through and that the other party may sporadically have problems hearing you. However, even with these negatives, the number of VOIP customers is rapidly increasing.

There are numerous VOIP providers and to help you get started in finding the company perfect your needs here are some of the more nationally recognized companies:

·        Broad Voice-$39.95 activation fee; $24.95 a month

·        Verizon Voice Wing-free to activate and $34.95 a month

·        Packet8- $29.95 to activate and $19.95 a month

·        Vonage-$29.99 to activate and $24.95 a month

·        Galaxy Voice- $24.95 to activate and $19.95 a month

·        AT&T Call Vantage-29.99 for activation as well as  monthly cost

VOIP is a great way to spread your income without sacrificing phone service. Even with its occasional glitches, it is still better than spending $60-$70 (or more) a month for a traditional phone provider. So take some time to check out what VOIP service is available in your area, and start saving money today!


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