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Has Science Fiction Influenced The World

Updated on August 11, 2012

Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact. Most people, if not all, have heard this saying. I agree with this phrase. Looking back in my life, I remember the shows that I used to watch, some I can’t remember the title, others I do. Flash Gordon, Star Wars, Buck Rogers, and my favorite, Star Trek. I enjoyed and looked forward to the adventures of the star ship Enterprise and her crew as they explored the galaxy and looked at issues of the time. I enjoyed the rebirth of the Star Trek adventures when it was reborn in the 80’s and as I look back on the past 20 years I see how it shaped the world we live in today.

I know not everyone shares my opinion with this. My ex-wife’s boyfriend, for example, does not allow my son to watch science fiction programs as “they are not real life”, but neither were spaceships in the 50’s. Back then we did not have the technology to go to the moon or other planets, but in the 60’s man walked on the moon. Today we have sent probes to Mars and even launched a deep space probe. We had the Shuttle program and now we are see the conception and birth of commercial space travel. All this was not “real life” a century ago. But the imagination of the writers and men of science have brought this all to fruition.

The cellphone, especially the smart phone, to me brings Star Trek to life. When needing to talk with his ship or crew, Captain Kirk would pull out his communicator and without telephone lines or any “live connection” be able to communicate. Mr. Spock would use his tricorder to get information so he would be able to give the Captain information. Yeoman Rand would bring her pad out to get Kirk’s signature on different reports. All this we see today.

As I mentioned I enjoyed watching Star Trek growing up. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have their technology, today I have it, and it is still cool. I really do like my cell phone, it has become part of my life, much like the automobile it is hard to see what life would be without it, even though we did live without it growing up.

My smartphone allows me to communicate without a wired line and it also helps me search for information on the internet. It stores my calendar and my schedule, keeps track of my contacts and even acts as my alarm clock. The Ipad and other tablets can store documents and even allow you to digitally sign for things. All this was not possible when I was child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, but for my children and yours it is the norm. Looking to the future I wonder what is in store for them, what gadgets will become the norm for them?

For those people who scoff at Science Fiction, who laugh at the trekkies, even those who “bullied” and laughed at the “nerds”, it is interesting how they love and take advantage of these items. For me I hope to live long enough to see more come things about. I welcome the ideas and the imagination of the science fiction “nerds”, for to me, they are the future, they will make the future brighter. As I said, today’s science fiction IS tomorrow’s science fact.


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    • bgigstead profile image

      bgigstead 5 years ago

      Thanks, I appreciate you reading my hub.

    • playstationcards profile image

      playstationcards 5 years ago

      Like the ending, cool hub