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Sean Sherk Workout and Diet

Updated on June 10, 2011

Sean Sherk is a veteran UFC fighter renowned for his intensity in training and devotion to his strength and conditioning. Known as 'the muscle', Sean lives for hard workouts and likes to push himself to the limit.

Sean Sherk Caveman Training

This dedication was highlighted to the masses in 2007 when UFC All Access showed Sean performing what he called caveman training. It wasn't long before caveman training was being used in MMA gyms all around the world to prepare their fighters.

Watch the Sean Sherk caveman training video.

Sean Sherk wearing the elevation mask for hypoxic training
Sean Sherk wearing the elevation mask for hypoxic training

Hypoxic Training

Sean Sherk is always trying out new things to be on the cutting edge of conditioning and to be the best he can be. 3-4 days a week Sean now trains wearing a hypoxic mask. In fact he has released his own which is on sale now called the Sean Sherk Elevation Training Mask.

The masks are designed to imitate a high altitude training which is well known to vastly improve cardiovascular fitness. They restrict breathing during workouts leading to stronger and more efficient lungs. The body adapts and produces more red blood cells.

This type of training is extreme and should only be used by already well conditioned athletes. When you first try wearing a mask it can be scary and you need to adjust your breathing. Hypoxic training is also considered to develop mental toughness. That ability to push harder than your opponent can be critical on fight night.

Sean Sherk weight training
Sean Sherk weight training

Sean Sherk Diet

Sean Sherk follows an exemplary diet to ensure he gets the nutrition he needs to recover from these workouts. His diet has also evolved over the years. He now takes much less supplementation than he did back in 2007 and was documented on that UFC All Access episode.

Nowadays Sean tries to get most of his nutrition from natural food sources. The only supplements he takes now are fish oil, a multivitamin and a calcium supplement as he does not drink milk.

Sean eats around 15 different fruit and vegetables daily including spinach, blueberries, celery and even raw garlic. He will eat these raw whenever possible for maximum nutritional benefits.

The juicer comes in handy as he eats juiced fruit and vegetables twice a day. An easy way of increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables. Especially those that you are not so keen on.

Sean also eats baby food 5-6 times a day claiming that it is 100% natural, good, clean food and great for keeping the body going through the training sessions.

For protein he follows a typical healthy diet of lean meats such as chicken, fish and the more elaborate bison and ostrich. Sean opts for the leanest meats possible to keep his body fat level down. On a Sunday he relaxes a little and eats steak.

Sean Sherk is a man who is truly dedicated to the sport and intent on maximising his potential through a strong strength and conditioning program and an almost perfect diet.

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