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Google vs. Bing

Updated on September 2, 2014

Change Management at Google

Change has been very critical in the success of Google as a search engine company. The company has been making several changes in order to improve its performance. Change is an inherent feature that has to be incorporated within the organization for it to be successful. The change at Google is being necessitated by the external factors such as technological advances among other factors. However, some changes originate from within the organization in response to various issues such as client needs or the need to improve performance among other issues. Therefore, the company has to respond to various issues through introducing and implementing the appropriate change.

Google has been adopting a planned and structured approach that is essential for aligning the organization with the process. In order to ensure that change is successful, the company has been working closely with its stakeholders to ensure that they understand and accept the changes that the company has introduced. The stakeholders are also able to overcome the challenges that come with change. Some organizational and behavioral adjustments are made so that the organization and its members are able to accommodate and sustain change.

Google carries out adequate planning before rolling out the change. Once a plan has been drawn, Google shifts its focus on laying the groundwork and securing resources that are necessary for rolling out the plan. They ensure that change management become part of the project that is being handled. Change usually secures the support of the executive members of the company for its successful implementation. The company also establishes the change management team that responsible for overseeing the change process.

Managing Change at Bing

Bing considers change as a very important part of its success. Leaders of the company continue recognize the need for change and adopt some of the change management best practices so as to achieve the goals of change. The company has been focusing on ensuring that senior managers or leaders are best positioned to address large scale change. This has been based on the assumption that senior managers are the ones that have the perspective to solve some of the most complicated issues that arise during the change implementation process. Therefore, top management support is very important for successful change management that takes place at Bing. Top leadership is able to identify and explain the external environmental factors that may affect the company’s success.

Bing has also been obtaining the feedback of different stakeholders especially the employees before the change is implemented. The company recognizes the roles that different groups of stakeholders play in the organization and any decision being made regarding change. Therefore, it has to seek the views of the stakeholders so that it is able to understand key priorities and concerns. Consultations with key stakeholders in the change process such as employees are very important and this needs to be achieved through establishment of proper communication channels. The top management communicates their strategies so that it can be clear to all members of the organization. They also provide the reasons as to why the organization is undertaking the change process.

Diagnosing Change and Barriers at Google

In order to ensure successful change management, organization has to predict the need for change. The organizational leaders have to understand the reasons as to why it has to implement the needed change. Organization needs creativity and it needs to enhance its search engine so that it can provide people with faster services. The company has to find ways of enhancing its search so that it can sustain its competitiveness and retain its market share. In some cases the company may need change in order ensure that proper direction. In such cases the company changes its leadership. For instance, the company’s chief executive officer, Larry Page made changes in management in the year 2011. This was meant to streamline the decision making in six key product groups such as social networking and mobile among others. The CEO undertook major reorganization to ensure that executives of the leading groups were directly under his supervision thus eliminating management layers which were slowing down the product development.

Diagnosing Change at Bing

Bing may also need change for various reasons. The company may need change to improve the services that it offers to the customers. The company’s market share is very much smaller as compared to that of Google. In order to improve its competitiveness, the company has to make changes that help in improving the provision of services. The company can also undertake changes in the organizational structure to improve the organizational control. The change in the organizational structure helps in ensuring there is proper coordination of activities within the organization. Some problems may arise in cases where the organization has become too large and complex. Therefore, Bing has to be streamlined for proper coordination. Change is also needed for collaboration with different stakeholders. The changes focus on establishment of teamwork where all the stakeholders are able to contribute significantly to the success of the organization.

Barriers and Resistors to Change

Resistance to change is a very common aspect of change management. Attempts to introduce and implement change usually meet resistance. The resistance usually results in failure of the change process since those who resist do not commit themselves to the change process. The barriers to change are common in most organizations. One of the key barriers to change is insufficient communication. Both internal communication that take place among the members and external communication may cause barrier to communication. Insufficient communication is likely to be a barrier to effective implementation of change. When employees are kept in the dark regarding the change being implemented in the organization, they will fiercely resist any attempts to introduce and implement change. On the other hand, if the organization fails to communicate to the external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers, change may have disastrous consequences.

The other barrier to organizational change is structural factors or issues. Organizations which have hierarchical organization structure face much resistance than those which have put in place a flat organizational structure. Highly hierarchical structure is likely to bring about communication barriers from the top to bottom and between different departments. Poor communication is likely to result in failure of the change implementation.

The other barrier to change is lack of resources and poor allocation of resources. Change usually require large amount of resources and lack of such resources is likely to prevent the implementation of change. Poor decisions regarding allocation of resources such as funds, time, machinery and staff is likely to affect the success of change. Therefore, managers have to carefully allocate the available resources.


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    • Alva Mkiwa profile imageAUTHOR

      Alva Mkiwa 

      3 years ago from Kenya

      thanls Mel carriere

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      3 years ago from San Diego California

      I think you are right that change is vital for an organization to prosper or even survive. Google is always reinventing itself. On the other hand Yahoo did not, and has sort of been swept aside. Interesting article.


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