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How to Build a Search Function on Your Website without knowing html code?

Updated on February 1, 2013

Placing a search function on your website will allow your website visitors to search the web or website they are visiting. If you do not know html coding, then there is an easier way to insert the search function into your website. You can follow the steps below or you can take a html coding course that will teach you how to place a search function on your website. Learning html and website coding is time consuming and many people are now turning to the internet to find the already generated html codes they need for their websites. Generating a search engine function via another website is recommended for those who don't know html coding.

.Sign-up for Google Adsense

Login to Google Adsense. Within your google adsense account page, there will be different tabs that you can choose from. Go to your adsense setup tab. Choose the "Adsense for Search" product option. You will be able to create a custom search engine box to insert into your website.

Follow the "Adsense for Search" commands via the google adsense page. You will have the option of creating a search function box that displays the entire web results or just the results from a certain website. Hit the continue button at the bottom of page to create the look and feel of your search function.

Choose the style of your search box. Choose how many characters you want for your text box length. Hit the continue button to create a logo for your search box. You will also be able to customize your search function by choosing where your search results will be displayed.

Go to your Website page editor.
Save and name your search engine via the next page. Hit the "submit and get code" button. Copy the code that was generated for you. To copy: Hit the Ctrl C keys on your keyboard. Minimize or logout of your google adsense page.

Login to your website and go to the page where you would like your search function to be at. Insert the copied search box code into your website. To insert the code you should paste it into your webpage. You should now have a google search function on your website.

There are many other websites that offer their customers the use of search functioning codes that can be placed in websites. The html code is generated for you and you only need to know how to copy and paste codes to your websites. Search Engine boxes is a great function to have on your website(s).


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    • profile image

      Rajesh 5 years ago

      Nice question

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Thanks for the information. You can get paid when someone does a search on your site. Cool!

    • profile image

      Gayle McLaughlin 7 years ago

      I write for eHow, and am now starting different blogs and articles (like Squidoo). Thanks for this article. I am just learning.