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Best sites to sell used dvds online.

Updated on November 17, 2012

I am an avid dvd collector and I have been buying and selling DVDs for many years. This Hub reviews the best places i have found who buy dvds.

But why sell your DVDs at all? Why are you going to buy if you are ultimately going to sell these off? We'll I can't say everyone should share this opinion but my decisions are fueled maybe not but sound money management but for my enthusiasm for collecting DVDs. History has proven most media trends downward in price over time. So the bottom line is if nobody in your home has watched dvd in a year…clear it out. Try something new.

There are many great sites who buy your used dvds or will help you sell them. But there is no definitive best place to sell. Many serve a different purpose depending upon the level of service you desire and your value on time spent selling. I will highlight the pros and cons of selling to the big guys and some surprise alternatives you may have never heard of.

EBay - is a well known auction site. Just about everybody knows you can sell your stuff and make money online at eBay. But it's not the only gig in town. There are other great places to sell your products online and make a few dollars. You can sell on consignment, auction, or list your items for sale outright on other sites that do not require a fee.

Google Base- You don't need a website to sell at Google Base. You can upload your entire store inventory and sell items through the most popular search engine on the Internet. Categories of products and services you can sell through Google Base include events and activities, products, recipes, vehicles, list jobs, reviews, services, and vacation rentals. And what's the best part about Google Base? It's free. The problem with Google Base? Sales volume. Like any new site that tries to break into eBay's territory it's hard to get the engine rolling because buyers want you go where the sellers are and he sellers want to go where the buyers are. And because Google base is new there are not many of either right now. But making your service free is a step to getting there. - built a solid reputation for itself as an online bookseller. Amazon's "used" platform was originally modeled after where sellers can choose to sell their own products on consignment. But in recent years the largest bookseller online has branched out to become the 800 guerrilla in media sales. Other sites like model Amazon. The problem with Amazon: The learning curve and time required to get selling. Setting up and verifying your bank account and credit card. Creating a datafile to upload to their website. Organizing your incoming orders and email. Constant attention needs to be given to pricing. Even if you set your sell prices low, bigger professional sellers will swoop in with their computerized scripts and undercut your price by a penny. Amazon has been known to freeze new accounts if sales volume is heavy because red flags are triggered. There are understandably alarmed of having new fraudulent accounts opening and selling product without shipping. On Amazon you definitely will get orders but with the time required to overcome these barriers I recommend selling DVDs on Amazon for the very serious seller or the career seller. Learn more about the sales opportunity. - or Media Exchange 123 is in the business of buying your used DVDs and Blue Rays, CDs and video games in bulk. Consider this the easiest option. They give you a price quote through their website for your used DVDs and they will buy everything you have in one easy hassle free transaction. You get a free shipping label that you print out and stick on your box. Expect a payment by PayPal or check in two weeks after shipping to them.

I have been a long time satisfied seller of DVDs to second but I came across by their funny Youtube videos. My informal price evaluation has led me to believe mx123 pays higher than on most items. The problem with Like any middleman you are not getting top dollar you would if you were selling your items directly on your own. And beware of other "buy back" cookie cutter websites popping up in this market niche. A degree of trust is required before sending your items off through the mail before receiving payment.

Craigslist - Craigslist is free to sell. No commissions, no fees, no hassle. Consider it a free internet classified service. Craigslist will help you hook up with someone in your local area. You work the payment details and the exchange with the buyer. You can list almost anything for sale or trade at Craigslist. Categories books, business, computer, furniture, jewelry, tickets, tools, arts & crafts, cars, CDs and DVDs, clothes, collectibles, farm and garden, toys, household goods, music instruments, videos. Some of the problems: I have found this ends up with many strangers knocking on my door or telephones ringing. You may not be comfortable with that. You have buyers showing up that want to cherry pick though the best items in your collection. Craigslist may best be used for items with a higher dollar value than DVDs. Craigslist is an informal channel for selling DVDs. Handle with care. - UBid helps companies sell excess inventory. If you are in the biz and looking for a new place to sell through, uBid is available.

Just about everybody knows you can sell your dvds and make money online at eBay. Consider these sites above an alternative to the "big E" and consider there are other great sites too that I missed here. Happy selling!

Used Dvds Looking for New Home


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    • profile image

      Anonomyous 4 months ago

      craigslist no longer works too well. There are so many out there w/ flagging sofware that you can not keep a valid ad up half the time. Very few shoppers anymore go there. Maybe if you have it on CL long enough you might sell 1 or 2 DVDs, but again the hassle of renewing [every other time you hit "renew" some software flags it.] You can post on the flag forum and often the CL moderators will put you valid TOS compliant ad back, but the time and having to deal w/ the worst of cyberbullies on that forum so not worth it.

    • profile image

      shelby 2 years ago

      I attempted to use Upon receiving my dvd's, They stated that there was a disc missing from one set I sold them, the one that happened to be valued at the highest amount. I meticulously checked each set before sending off and know for certain it was there. I emailed 4 separate times and never got any type of a response. I WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER USE THIS SITE AND HOPE TO STEER AS MANY PEOPLE AWAY FROM USING THIS SITE. The worst EVER!!!!!!

    • profile image

      VeroMoss70 3 years ago

      What I think is really important when selling used DVDs is to compare the prices of the different selling websites. There are so many different sites that you need to get an overview of the best prices to be sure that you can make more money out of your old DVDs. To get the best price I always use It is really a cool comparison site and very easy to handle.

    • profile image

      Anonomyous 3 years ago

      I do not use Ebay: the site is too unethical. I got ripped off by, which is owned by Ebay. Not one of their sellers that ripped me off, it was the site itself. Ebay as well tried to rip me off and closed my account. Was selling on amazon, but first they upped their commission and now they are requiring you purchase a 39.99/mo seller acct to sell DVDs. Outrageous! I mostly have them on craigslist, but it is a real hastle and a half. Most things do not sell well on craigslist especially clothes, accessories and DVDs. I have items listed on Bonanza and sold one book there, a good place to sell, but again traffic is so low. I appreciate this info in your article, as I have not tried some of these other places nor the discflipper in the above comment and I will check them out for past complaints and their TOS. One of these ways has to be better than what I have done in the past.

    • profile image

      imraninoffice 3 years ago

      id trash my dvds before selling them on ebay.

    • profile image

      vaibhavmeswani 3 years ago

      i have 1 good experience and 1 not so good experience buying things from Craigslist. I like buying and selling stuffs online so i created my own site for people to buy and sell used stuff online . This one is specially for people in India .

    • profile image

      Jon 3 years ago

      If you are looking to buy in bulk at wholesale prices.

      Check out.

    • profile image

      Rhodora 3 years ago

      Good Places to sell dvds. Thanks!

    • profile image

      pa-ul 3 years ago

      good places to sell dvds. Thx

    • ronmel profile image

      Ron Melquist 3 years ago from minneapolis

      Update: Google Base has migrated to the new Google Merchant Center. There you can upload products by UPC numbers and sell them. Commisions are are reasonable, much lower than Amazon, but sales volume is very slow.

    • profile image

      Gemma 4 years ago

      I've just used another website called DISFLIPPER. Discflipper is very reasonable and valuable for selling my dvds and cd's.

      I would used DISCFLIPPER again. Their website is

      a easy website to use and they use real-time prices. Better than leading companies. Well worth a try.

    • profile image

      Natalie Larson 5 years ago

      Amazon sounds like it's a real hassle to deal with. I've never heard of Google Base before. Has it been around long? I usually just sell my movies in a garage sale.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Good ideas here. I have so many to set rid of since I'm all Netflix now

    • profile image

      CHRIS KENNEDY 5 years ago

      hi, have tried selling my 400 plus dvds online, to magpie.comm but after putting all the codes in, offered peanuts for new and nearly new dvds, pennies, would rather keep them, or, might do a flea market sale.

    • profile image

      Gino 5 years ago

      Hmmm,..I Actually Need Money To Pay Bills Badly So I Originally Thought About Going To A Pawn Show I Believe They Would Give Atleast A Buck A Dvd And then i looked online and saw that sites will pay you more.

    • profile image

      Guest 6 years ago

      I will not sell any dvds with places that want your bank account number! So no way to Amazon! They can pay you differently, if they wanted too. So people don't go crying when you bank account number gets hack on their website and you whole account will be gone!

    • profile image

      Bookem 6 years ago

      I really think it depends on how many you have to sell and how quickly you want to sell them. If you want top Dollar and are prepared to wait a little while then selling them on eBay on a "good till cancelled fixed price listing" might be the way to go.

    • profile image

      dankerman 7 years ago

      Learn how to get video games at super low prices and sell them back for double the profit @

    • profile image

      bruce 8 years ago

      amazon has some kind of a trade in program but only pay credit.

    • profile image

      alibaba 8 years ago

      Your right about ebay and amazon being a pain in the butt. I prefer to give my dvds away to friends if possible. Or trade with them

    • profile image

      ronmel 8 years ago

      Thanks for the input.

    • profile image

      steve swigim 8 years ago


      One more problem with amazon: commisions exceeds 25% of most items.

    • profile image

      steve schmidt 8 years ago

      i have found amazon to offer the best prices. Buts it definely for the more experienced seller - like you say.

    • profile image

      scott kennedy 8 years ago

      ronmel thanks for the useful article.

    • profile image

      George Edwards 8 years ago

      One more idea is this new site that takes your old dvds in and issues full retail value via their website currency, trade credits. You use those trade credits to buy other dvds and pay only for shipping.

    • profile image

      wayne robins 8 years ago

      good article. I like craigs and If possible if prefer to trade my dvds with friends.