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Collapsable 100% wooden, wood,plywood shipping crates types - reusable

Updated on December 5, 2011

shipping crates

Crates which can be usable for shipping , mainly wooden crates called as shipping crates. This may be made out of wood or wood substitute materials such as plywood, OSB , or combination of both. But the purpose is to carrying or transporting of materials and machinery.We use such type of crates while shifting the home to new place or other country and shifting the motorcycle to one place to other place. This type of crates should be withstand no of abuses . So, the chosen shipping crates should be made out of right material which can survive both mechanical and biological.

Number of types are there in crates. It is as follows;

1. Collapsible crates

2. Reusable crates

3. Customizable crates

4. One time usage crates

Every type of crate will solve the same purpose. But depends on usage and money that you are going to spend the crates should be chosen and not by choice.

Collapsible crates

Collapsible crates are like knock - down fitting types. When needed you make like a box using clamps.After using you dismantle , keep as single component , with less space occupying. This type of collapsible crates mostly used for machineries and some kind of products where you can use the crates no of times.

This type of collapsible crates made out of plywoods and OSB or combination of wood and wood substitute materials. Apart from strength factor involved , this type of crates need not required any treatment , due to the process involved in making such wood substitute panels.

Collapsible crates are custom made or standard one based on requirement. But there is option for increasing the width or height , by just attaching another extension.

Reusable crates

Reusable crates are used for food products and automobile parts etc.,You know the product , you are going to transport and the size involved in it. You may opt for this type of crate , where you can use it no of times. You can replace it unless otherwise it get damaged or you are going the change the spec of the products.

Nowadays not only wooden crates , even plastic crates also available for re usage.The tonnage and  dimensions are important due to limitations like space occupied, no of pieces , and the transportation required. 

Customizable crates

Custom crates are made as per requirement and usage involved. You can give the design and required things like lifting facility by forklift . This type of customizable shipping crates are made with heat treatment or without heat treatment , based on where you are going to ship the same.This type of customized crates can be used for chemicals and food items.

One time usage crates

This type of crates are like use and through type may be with fixed nails. This type of crates mostly used for automobile transporting, machineries transporting. Here you are not going to reuse or safeguard the materials being used. May be you are going to use for short distance transporting.

Shipping crates for international goods

Shipping crates for international shipping should pass some regulations to avoid pest , termites, and other types of infection to other countries. So, Heat treatment of chemicals is required for wooden shipping crates. After heat treatment , the HT symbol should appear as markings. Otherwise it is difficult to get accepted by other countries.

Secondly if you are using other than wooden pallets , like plywood and osb , the process of making this type of wood substitute products will help in avoiding the chemical treatmet, subject to shipping countries regulations and requirements.


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