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Should Social Networks Reward Their Users?

Updated on September 27, 2012

One Social Network Allows Investment

New Social Network
New Social Network | Source

It’s of little surprise that this week news broke that Facebook is now valued at a staggering ninety four billion dollars. In just eight years this social network has grown to be the most famous website in the world. Users check in on average of twice a day and even those who don’t own an account know all about it.

Unless you’ve been living in a hole you’ll also be affected by Facebook, whether you use it or not it’s impossible to avoid as even big brands advertise their association in the ad breaks on the television.

Facebook would be nothing without its members as through their sharing and interaction they are able to charge incredible amounts for advertising and apps. Although the initial idea is obviously due to Mark Zuckerberg’s intelligence there’s no doubt that it’s the members that have made it grow beyond even his wildest imagination.

So should the members be able to share in the profits? Of course with hindsight only a fool would say no to an opportunity to invest a little in 2004, however now Mr Zuckerberg needs no investment this chance has long passed.

Mark Zuckerberg believes he is rewarding his members by keeping the platform free, yet every like, every share and every tagged photo raises the profile even more.

Now though there is a new wave of social networks hitting the web, from one little start up one website is built entirely on its members investments. Already the users are growing by the day and the unique way users gain equity is seeing these members share on their own blogs, websites and of course their existing social networks.

With an opportunity to invest with money as each VShare is valued at $1 each, members can take a chance of being involved from the get go, however this isn’t the only way they can build up their stock of Vshares , as every time they invite a friend their stake in the network goes up.

Although this is just out of the Beta testing phase it is showing promise and of course we’re reminded that Facebook was indeed a little known start up in the beginning with the unique selling point of exclusivity.

It may be a gamble but there’s little to lose and who knows maybe the original members will be profiting from a fortune in a decade to come?

This site is by invitation only but here’s an invite from me!


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