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Sleep Headphones

Updated on September 21, 2014
AcousticSheep SleepPhones
AcousticSheep SleepPhones | Source

Headphones For More Comfortable Sleep

Sleep headphones can be much more comfortable to wear than sleeping with ordinary headphones. But why would you sleep with headphones on anyway?

Some people find they fall asleep better if they listen to soothing music to help them drift off to sleep, but they don't want to disturb the person sleeping next to them so they try wearing headphones or earbuds to bed. Or they might use special music with sounds such as bianural beats incorporated that require headphones to have the best effect to help them sleep as well. I started looking for headphones I that could sleep with after I had been listening to audiobooks in bed and would automatically try to roll over on my side to get more comfortable...only to find it next to impossible to get comfortable while wearing earbuds pressed against my ear and pillow.

If you try to fall asleep wearing ordinary headphones or earbuds you probably aren't going to find it very comfortable, especially if you sleep on your side. At times they can be somewhat painful even. Earbuds can also fall out easily. Sleep headphones may be the answer to these problems. Below are some of the products I looked out when looking for a solution for myself.

AcousticSheep Sleepphones

The soft AcousticSheep Sleepphones advertises their product as being "pajamas for your ears" and reviewers say they are soft and warm. These headphones for sleeping in actually are able to block out noise without having to use uncomfortable ear plugs so you can relax while listening to music or audio books and podcasts in comfort.

They come in two main sizes. Extra small, which is about 20 to 21 ⅜ inches around. Or Medium, which is their "One Size Fits Most" size and is 21 ½ to 23 ⅜ inches.

The speakers are removable and the headband made of Polartec fleece is machine washable. They even have replacement earphones available, if needed.

How to Use Sleep Phones

This video shows a few good tips for using your AcousticSheep sleep phones (which would also apply to probably any other headband style headphones). Things like tucking the cord under the pillow so it is less likely to get in your way while sleeping is one tip I hadn't thought of.

Tooks SPORTEC Band

The Tooks SPORTEC Band headphones are made of two types of fabric to choose from. Fleece (100% microfleece) which is soft and warm. And what they call DryFit (100% ProStretch) that keeps you cool.

They come in two different colors, black and white...and the DryFit version also is available in pink. There seems to be only one size to choose from though. The seams are done with a flat stitch to make them more comfortable. They have great sound quality and the built-in headphones are removable. You can wear them when engaged in sports activities such as running or when sleeping.

Tooks Sportec Band vs AcousticSheep

While there may be others out there it seems there are two main products on the market that are the best headphones for sleeping in.

The Tooks Sportec Band, while it can be worn for sleep and many do find them comfortable for that purpose, seems especially geared for wearing when doing sports related activities such as running.

The AcousticSheep headphones are made especially for wearing while sleeping and comfort while sleeping seems a top priority in the design. They cost more than the Sportec, but for the sake of comfort they may be worth the extra bit of cash.

What is my pick? I am leaning towards the AcousticSheep headphones for myself.

But I'm thinking the Tooks headphones would be a good gift for my boyfriend who runs marathons. I'm not sure if he would wear them while sleeping too, but I think they'd be nice in cold weather for listening to music or podcasts and keeping your ears warm.

Sleep Mask with Headphones

Remedy Heat Sensitive Memory Foam Sleep Mask
Remedy Heat Sensitive Memory Foam Sleep Mask

Here's an interesting option. This sleep mask is made of memory foam so it conforms to the contours of your face and it includes built in headphones too that you can use with your favorite audio playing device such an mp3 player, iPhone or other smartphone.


Binaural Beats for Sleeping with Headphones

Binaural Beats are...well, when I try to read explanations of what they are there is so much technical jargon used that I don't really understand what is being said. What is important however is that many people experience the positive effects of binaural beats, in particular the use of them to help with insomnia and quality of sleep. And they work best while using headphones. So having some headphones that are comfortable to wear while listening to them is ideal.

Some people don't like binaural beats while others love them. You can find free examples to listen to on the Internet, such as at YouTube or elsewhere to see if you like the general effect before investing in them. Binaural Beats apps for Android or iPhone/iPod also available.

You can also find apps to help you sleep, with soothing sounds or music and other cool or interesting features too.

Have you ever tried to fall asleep wearing regular headphones or earbuds? Have you tried headphones that are designed for wearing while sleeping? What has been your experience?

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