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smart phones in 2013

Updated on January 4, 2013

smart phones pictures 2013

smart phones pictures 2013
smart phones pictures 2013

The sales of mobile devices in 2012 increased significantly. Research has shown that they doubled the sales from 2011. In 2012 the number of smart-phone users grew to more than 1 billion. This is now set to double by 2015, with the major growth coming from the east, including India, Africa and China. Its not only the smart phones that are getting smart, everything around us is getting smart.

2012 saw the advent of smart watches, smart wristbands, and even smart glasses. If you enjoyed the new technology that appeared in 2012, then 2013 will be even better for new tech. 2013 will be the year of big technology brands. The 2 largest smart phone makers currently in the world are Samsung and Apple. They will continue to build devices that can surf the net quicker, and give us more apps.

The Apple iphone was considered the mobile smart phone of choice at the beginning of 2012 until the New Samsung phones started to be released, with the android software, and the extra features that couldn't be found in the iphone. As well as the Iphone, and the Samsung Galaxy there are also competitors hot on their heels, including Motorola, Nokia, and HTC. 2013, will no doubt see the release of new smart phones from other makers too, including Yota, or have released a smart phone with dual screen for ebooks.

More smartphone makers in 2013

As the demand for ever increasing smart phones increases, it will mean more competition, and better prices for us, along with more innovative features. The winner of 2012, which nobody would have guessed at the start of 2012, was google android. It did start out as Apples IOS, but now they are number 2. I almost forgot to mention the Blackberry 10, but who wouldn't. 2012 saw the year that Blackberry went from the must have that everybody had to own, to the phone that nobody wanted. You might also hear from Firefox, and also Tizen in the mobile operating system world. One of the next big applications of smart phones will be the smart wallets. In 2013 we will see the increase of e-wallets for use in retail shops, meaning we won't have to carry our credit cards.

The future of smart phones in 2013

What we just might see further into 2013 is the release of flexible phones. Instead of your circuits being enclosed in glass and metal, it will be in bendable plastic. So you can wave goodbye to having to get your iphone screen replaced where you sit down on it. Although Samsung might be getting ready to release their bendable phone, Nokia have already unveiled their version, which is also controlled by bending the phone in certain directions.

There are reports however that Samsung is about to release a bendable HD phone in 2013. It was only a few years ago that the phone and camera were separate devices, but now they are combined, and improving every year. Although at the beginning of 2013 we can see that most smartphones have a camera of less than 10 megapixels, nokia has released one which takes us upto 41 megapixels.

2013 will see smart phones with better sensors, flashlights, and also the ability to shoot in 3D. You can expect to see the new Pebble smart watch in 2013, which integrates with google android, and iphone and allows you to make calls directly from your wrist.


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