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5 Technologies To Turn Your SMARTPHONE Experience SMARTER

Updated on November 2, 2013


Not to mention, smartphone users have a portion of their lives saved in it.

Most of us even when wake up early morning, to check the smartphones prior to the mirror.

All of us off course love to explore our smartphones. We like to discover the latest and best apps, hidden features and possibilities in it.

Let us now check out 5 external gadgets, that can help you turn your smartphone experience much much smarter.

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Sharpen the twigs, to make your weapons in a discovery tripTighten the loose screwsor the loose bolts !!!used as Wire cutter
Sharpen the twigs, to make your weapons in a discovery trip
Sharpen the twigs, to make your weapons in a discovery trip
Tighten the loose screws
Tighten the loose screws
or the loose bolts !!!
or the loose bolts !!!
used as Wire cutter
used as Wire cutter

#5. TaskOne Iphone toolkit

It is a non-electronic, mechanical tool set that can be attached to your Smartphones to get the portable anytime, anywhere handy tool set, and that without a burden of extra carriage, care and protection.

Eye Catching features:-

1. Weighs only 89 grams.

2. 16 slider implements.

3. wide range of varieties- from knives to wrenches, pliers and wire cutters.

4. Safe compact fold mechanism, for when not in use.

5. Detachable from phone anytime, if needed.

So now, whether you go on a forest safari, or miss a loose bolt in your vehicle plates, no need to run far. Your phone is always handy and so is your toolkit.

#4. Earphone Jacks

Next, we have something cute. Would it not be great to turn your phone a little more adorable thereby providing some extra care in alternate!!

These colorful, designers accessories can be used to cover your earphone jacks anytime when not in use.

It's an amazingly cost effective means to add a l'll extra fun for your smartphone.

Watch out these tiny 'JasmineTcreations' accessories are really so cute ones.

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Beautiful !!! Isn't it ??Lottsa varieties!!! You can choose of your choice!!
Beautiful !!! Isn't it ??
Beautiful !!! Isn't it ??
Lottsa varieties!!! You can choose of your choice!!
Lottsa varieties!!! You can choose of your choice!!
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#3. TV Out Cable

Another great boon for smartphone users.

Now, you can explore the content of mini smartphone in a wide LED screen.

Features of choice-

1. It connects your smartphone with your TV. (Just screen is TV and else is your phone. Play games, surf internet or whatever!)

2. Can even work in Dual screen mode, with one screen as your mobile and next we have is a two player game.

3. Portable cables to fit anywhere with any screen.

4. Now available in range of varieties as per the length of cord and connection.

So!! Ready to explore the tiny contents in a big screen ??

#2. Innergie Pocket Cell

Another great item to make your life easier and more convenient is Innergie Pocket Cell. This on the go Energy storage device can be carried on any long journey or remote places to recharge your phones anytime, anywhere.

Features :-

1. 2.1 amp rechargeable battery.

2. Low weight, small size i.e. highly portable.

3. Can be charged through computer or electric socket.

4. Just an easy flip and it's innovative adapter changes the clever cord's tip into an iphone hookup, to a wall plug or to a double sided USB cable.

So now, life made simple.....

A trip to remote area with no electricity can be happily visited.

Ready to hunt, the place of choice!!

Geck0, Living made smarter

#1. Gecko

Here is a WOW!!

Ever wondered while searching for your keys or wallet, if you can give it a missed call to track it out ?? I did...

Now it's possible with gecko.

Wanna set alerts for any object?? Gecko is solution.

Need a watchman for secure sleep at airport ?? Gecko is here.

Your music in your control anytime, from anywhere, with just a tiny gesture.

Gecko is small square chip module that can be attached with your smartphone.

Instant photo click, Video recording, reminder, trigger, security and much much possibilities.

Just one small chip, and life much simpler.

Oh!! I would be crazy to try it out.. :)


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