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Are Social Media Sites Taking Over Your Life

Updated on April 24, 2012

How much time do you spend on social media sites each day? Add up all those minutes spent browsing sites like Facebook, over the course of a week, and the total might surprise you.

It’s no secret that sites such as these have helped people reconnect with long lost friends. Many use their convenient features to network and make new business contacts. Some even use social media to notify family and friends of upcoming events, like parties. They also contain favorite time wasters, like games and surveys.

Finding yourself overwhelmed and inundated by information contained in these sites? The simple solution is don’t use them! Realistically that may not be an option. With more and more using these services every day it’s easy to feel like you must keep up with everyone else, or risk being left behind. In the end the decision is up to you. If you do decide to include social media in your life make sure it doesn’t take over.

Don’t feel the need to take social media on the go.

It’s hard to imagine that keeping up with friends and family could be considered a bad thing. Moderation is the key. Having access to all your favorite sites on a smart phone, or similar device, sounds convenient. If you find taking social media with you distracting, or if you are often tempted to indulge when you attention needs to be focused elsewhere, then it might be time to leave it at home.

Be selective

Take a hard honest look at where you spend your time online. Chances are some of the things you check out are due in some part to routine. You may also find many friends and contacts on these sites are people you barely know from years before. Others may be vague acquaintances that you accepted into your digital inner circle so as not to offend them. Either way pairing back can free up some time best spent elsewhere.

Reward yourself

If you genuinely enjoy perusing social media there is no real reason to deny yourself. If you use these sites to procrastinate, and it’s negatively affecting work or home life, you may want to come up with another solution. Why not reward yourself in the evening when other tasks are complete. Another option; small breaks throughout the day. Treat yourself in short spurts after similarly sized obstacles are complete.

Life is a balancing act - Find your balance

In the end only you can decide if there is room in your busy life for social media. You might find that notion preposterous, because you find them a necessary part of life. The best option for you probably doesn’t include total abstinence. You know the old saying, “everything in moderation.“ The saying may be old, but it still pertains to modern technology.


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