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Updated on July 3, 2012
Is Facebook really causing many to start experiencing mental illnesses like OCD, Anxiety disorder, nervous tension and other mental diseases, read and find out.
Is Facebook really causing many to start experiencing mental illnesses like OCD, Anxiety disorder, nervous tension and other mental diseases, read and find out. | Source


I saw this up on Twitter and decided it needed an article to go along with it! “Affection and a calm mind are important to us. A calm mind is good for our physical health, but it also enables us to use our intelligence properly and to see things more realistically.” But how does it apply to Social Media?

Most of the Facebook friends I spoke to about it tend to agree, but then the idea of Social Media Madness took hold. The majority of us have such a racing mind that we have to self-adjust daily to prevent mood swings.

“Facebook is changing us and we become our own worst enemy. This thought blends into losing interest in everything you loved or enjoyed and that is the first sign of SOCIAL MEDIA DISEASE!

When you start to lose interest in everything like relationships and things you liked in the past, then it’s time we should just live in the moment and enjoy the real World and stay off Facebook.

No one should ever isolate themselves too long! But it's difficult because you feel emotionally and mentally paralyzed when you turn off the computer and Facebook is not in front of you!

“We lose our motivation too! We feel lost and we obsess over things and no one understands, but we become wrapped up inside ourselves and teach ourselves this trait, It is like our comfort zone and we do not stop, explained one Facebook pal. “It is almost as though we adapted to it and actually like it. It is not scary to feel drained with the life sucked out of us?”

Another Facebook friend sounded even more isolated when she said, “Can we all hug!? I wish we could all be together now and just all enjoy and live in the moment! Because this should not be the way! So, big warm hugs going out!

Many have reported having a racing mind very often and can’t calm themselves. What is the inner core of this Anti-Calm? Could it really be Social Media technology? Electro-Magnetic waves may be making us all go mentally postal on Facebook.

A brand new Facebook friend who found me though another Facebook pal admitted, "For over a year my mind has been isolated trapped stuck and full of rushing thoughts, as I rise in my bed in the morning and realize I'm awake, all the tension fills my body. I feel vulnerable to panic episodes and loose interest in everything even my lovers."

The mind is so powerful and because of this can make us feel lost confused and question everything. Computer usage has increased in the last 2 years, especially social media. It's making some people's minds feel crazed, mentally unstable, and having to take meds for the condition of SOCIAL MEDIA MENTAL DISEASE!

It describes many of my Facebook pal's days and nights! If you do not get the real honest physical affection of real life, it can all break down into "I need assurance" which edges into Anxiety! Is Social Media to blame????

One Facebook friend agreed, “I hate it so much, it's so hard to go on when our minds turn into vicious cycles and you don't even realize Facebook may be the the feeder! It all goes hand and hand with anxiety, depression and the OCD intrusive thoughts brought on by too much Social Media.

Loneliness brings the worst out in us when it comes to Social Media, because we see other posts that other friends write and they make it seem that their lives are perfect. Facebook makes you lie, but not me, I always say my mind.

Another friend suggested and hoped that, “…it’s a test for endurance only! It makes me sad how much power our mind has,” he said in the post. "It gets worse with Social Media," he added.

That is exactly what is happening to many people right now. According to yet another Facebook pal, "We are moving by the end of the week and I have not packed or cleaned anything! I can't decide on a place to live. I need homes for some of our animals. The list is endless! It's happening to my fiancee too. I keep thinking to myself, 'is this a test as well?' We should start our own support group to help each other with this Social Media madness which is bleeding into everything we do. I am in! I am here and willing to listen and share with any of you who want to," she offered.

In this time and age, even with so much technology, many are really awful at organizing and it makes you feel useless, but our mind’s turn because of Social Media. We learn to, and get used to sitting around on the computer, safe in our little reality bubbles, but when reality hits, you have to get back down to Earth.

A very dear Facebook pal of mine put it this way, “It is so frustrating for sure, I hate the feeling of guilt when I'd rather go on Facebook than do the dishes, because you have become a little ugly inside plus unappreciative of anything or anyone around you and only have self-pity, yet you don't seem so keen on yourself, then how can you be happy with someone else if this is the case? We should never feel this way,” he said honestly.

And more, “All of our tension is built up inside and pent-up frustration and loneliness makes us vulnerable to episodes of draining intense chronic panic attacks, we are fatigued also,” he explained. And he is so right. Can this really all be happening because of Social Media?

Lots of people young and old are experiencing this SOCIAL MEDIA mental sickness! Could it be electrical magnetic current that weighs on our brains and makes up have symptoms of the things spoken about here?

“After shutting down Facebook, I have had some nights where I try and sleep and I find myself going back in time,” said one girl on Facebook. “I will actually go through almost every life event in an 8 hour time period. It's awful!” And it’s draining us.

One user posted, “I'm seeing a pcysiatrist taking medication now. But I do not know if I’m going to stick with to taking it, because we are human beings,” he said. “Think about it, all we really need is to be occupied, motivated and have excitement and goals of the real World, not Facebook, or what it dictates, or its users. It’s hard isn't it?”

Another poster on the same thread answers, “Oh yes, the medication helps, sometimes,” she said wisely. Then, to console her Facebook pal, a person she’s never met in person, “Well, if you want advice on meds or want to know how something it works, please ask me. You can send me a private message if you add me as a Facebook friend. I have studied these meds for years for I love psychology. I have experience with many of them. So if you are nervous, please ask me,” she admonished.

The poster then replied, as if they were friends for years: “Wow, sure. That would be a great help dear lady for sure. I don't even know what they'll give me, but I’ll know in about 30 minutes. I will add you now and let you know after! It’s for anxiety to help nerves I believe, he says.

“I've only took herbal stuff before, I did have beta blockers. Only took one! Didn't want to bother with it, hope all is ok,” he said to us all!”

Yet another poster saw it this way, “It is this way because you wonder how can I move on!? I always feel odd or old, I was reading about famous people whose deaths were suicidal and what they did, it just makes me wonder, some people escape like that,” he said.

But it should not be this way at all! So what are you all doing now out there in Facebook land? I am in bed in the dark listening to music. I love sleeping and dreaming and I have a whole note pad full of the dreams I've dreamt. Such an escape, but we shouldn't need to escape so much through Facebook.

Okay, not what to do about all this angst: Writing is incredible, like art where you cannot explain in words, but when you are just sitting around and have the pen and paper in your hand, and then your mind unwinds. Again, like an escape but also a way of true release. Now there's the first cure for this new mental social networking mental disorder.

But always a positive in a sea of negative, “We will all be ok :) hugs!”

OK, I'll try to keep using your post as a mantra. Be well we'll see you guys soon. I'll never take this down,” I said. And I won’t.


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    • Leslie_Siegel profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Seagal 

      4 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Wow, this is some article. I didn't realize how great it was. LOL!


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