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Rapitest Soil moisture (moister) measurement meter - Digital multimeter plus for plants and agriculture

Updated on July 18, 2011
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Soil Moisture measuring

In order achieve the good yield in agriculture you must be following some basic things like right time planting , and choosing the right or hybrid seeds,and timely irrigation of water etc.,Monitoring the soil conditions also helps to get high yield.Either the repetition of same crop or changing the crop or introducing a new crop or hybrid one needs thorough analysis of soil conditions.

Here sampling of soil is important. Soil sampling should be done early summer. Completely dry areas should be avoided for sampling. After adding fertilizer , especially nitrogen based fertilizer soil sampling should be avoided.This will lead to wrong conclusion about your soil conditions.Whether you are getting higher crop yield or less crop yield you are advised for soil testing. Besides , you must mark the area , where you have taken the sample.At least you can know what causes higher yield or what causes lower yield. This will determine the costing of fertilizer usages and controlling the same. Even we can avoid unnecessary spending of money ultimately we shall aim for higher yield.

Mainly you soil moisture measuring will determine the requirement of irrigation of water.And the same usage of water is also controlled.Moisture in the soil can be measured just by feeling or using soil moisture meter. For easy and quick measurement you can use either tensiometer , resistant blocks or other types of soil moisture measuring meters.Measuring the moisture of soil will help us to protect the crop from high amount of water and resulting in higher yield of crops.

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Why to measure soil moisture ?

1. Plants or grass roots are deeper more than 3" . So less water without knowing the moisture level will make the plant or grass to dry.

2. Secondly we can't decide the watering to be uniform throughout the year. Because of the seasonal climatic changes. So soil moisture measuring will help to determine the amount of watering for plants and grass.

3.Everyday watering without knowing the quantity of water required for plants and grasses leads to more water consumption and waste of time. To avoid this we must use the soil moisture meter .

4. water requirement may differ clay to loam soil to sandy soil. So measuring of the same will help us to maintain the water required.So measuring of soil moisture is required.

5.Lastly power consumption. If your pumping the water from one place to another ,by knowing the requirement we shall avoid unnecessary power consumption which is costlier in some places.

usage of soil moisture meter for gardening

Soil moisture meter not only for agricultural field , it can more helpful for gardening also. Some of the benefits we get from soil moisture meter using for gardening.

1. Certain flowering plants may require limited amount of water and some plants require more amount of water. This can be determined by checking soil moisture and avoiding more water to protect the plants.

2. If you are fittingĀ  the automatic sprinkler system with soil moisture meter, the watering problem will get solved. The work become simpler and easy to maintain the garden from drying because of insufficient water. And amount of water saved also matters.

3. Soil moisture meters are easy to handle and even digital type also available in the market. So, no need to worry about the operation.


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