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Solar Mobile Chargers

Updated on December 2, 2012

Solar Mobile Chargers Keep Your Phone Alive!

A solar mobile charger is the perfect device to have on hand when you and your cell phone are away from your regular charging point for any length of time. Don't be caught out with a dead battery when you need to make an important call or even just to check your emails. The best choice for a back up power source has to be one that you can recharge from anywhere. If the sun is shining a solar powered cell phone charger keeps you in contact with the rest of the world.

All of the solar chargers on this page contain rechargeable batteries and and act as a backup power supply for your mobile phone or other devices. When your phone is low, just plug it into the solar phone charger for a quick and easy recharge. Most solar chargers offer various ways to recharge their internal batteries but when you are on a long business trip or out camping, all you need is for the sun to shine and you have solar power.

A basic charger will suit most needs but for someone who is always on the go have a look at the more deluxe models. You can even find solar mobile chargers that double as luggage, allowing you to easily transport your devices inside them.

Basic Solar Phone Chargers - Just the basics for backup power when you need it

Mid-Range Cell Phone Solar Chargers - Faster charging and extra features

Deluxe Mobile Solar Chargers - Faster solar cell chargers with more functions

Solar USB Chargers

Use a USB solar charger for other devices

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A solar mobile charger that includes a USB port isn't limited to charging just your cellular phone. It's just as useful for your mp3 player, digital camera or any other device that can be plugged into a USB socket. Keep one of these devices on hand and fully charged, ready to provide extra power whenever you need it.

  • You can recharge your cell phone battery
  • You can recharge your ipod
  • You can recharge your portable GPS device
  • You can recharge your mp4 player

DIY Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger - Yes, you can build your own!

Mobile Solar Power Information

Why a solar charger is a better choice

While there are plenty of choices for backup power sources for your cell phone it's best to consider those with a solar option. You never have to go searching for a power point. This option wouldn't even practical be if you are on the road, out in the bush or half-way up a mountain. But with solar power, anywhere the sun is shining you can charge your portable devices.

In fact even in low light conditions your solar mobile charger can produce enough power to keep your cell phone alive. If you only need to make a short call or log onto the net for a few minutes your solar charger can be a lifeline.

On the other hand, if your backup power doesn't have a solar option, when the power is gone, it's really gone.

Could you use a Solar Phone Charger - Ever been caught with a flat cell phone battery?

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