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Some Very Good Chrome Extensions I Am Using

Updated on April 5, 2017

Which web browser you are using as your main browser?


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The different types of main web browsers---Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari

Hello, friends. Which web browser are you using?

There is no doubt that Google is one of the greatest companies of the world, its search engine is the most influential, its Gmail service is the most popular email service..., and now more and more people are choosing Google Chrome as their first web browser, so which web browser you like?


TRUST. I believe Google has the technology and ability to create a better web browser.

SIMPLE. Google Chrome is very simple to use, you will know it when you use it.

CLEAN. Chrome is clean. It does not have some boring default functions we do not need.

POWERFUL. With Chrome, we can watch videos without flash installed on our computer; with numerous extensions, we can use many useful functions on chrome.

Here in this post, I share some very good chrome extensions I am using, I will keep it updated, and you are welcome to share the chrome extension you recommend, thanks.

Adblock Plus or Adblock. Are you boring to the full ads of the web pages? I am sure that most people probably do not like the commercial ads, but we also should know that the ads displayed on the web pages are one important income part to the webmasters who provide web contents to us. Whatever, Adblock Plus is the right extension you should installed on your Chrome, Adblock Plus helps you to block the ads on the web pages.
Enable Adblock Warning Removal List
Do not allow non-intrusive advertising

The Great Suspender. If you find that your web browser and computer will become very slowly when you open too many tabs of your web browser, the Great Suspender is an efficient chrome extension which will automatically suspend unused tabs to free up your system resources and keep your Chrome fast.

IE Tab. Some websites only support IE, with IE Tab, we can use IE's functions on Chrome.

HTTPS Everywhere. If there is an HTTPS version of the web you are reading, HTTPS Everywhere will auto help you to direct the HTTPS mode, which is much safer than HTTP.

LastPass. LastPass is a password manager, with its help, you do not need to always remember the passwords of some sites which are not important to you, it also helps you to generate strong random passwords.

You should remember these when you are using LastPass, because nothing is secure abosolutely on the web. 1, do not let it remember the passwords of some IMPORTANT sites to you, you remember them. 2, do not forget the password of LastPass itself.

Lightshot(or FireShot). Lightshot helps you to take a screenshot of a web page, when you need to take a screenshot of some websites, you will find its value.

Text Mode. Text Mode will turn off all the images of the website you are reading.

Video Downloader professional. This chrome extension will help you to easily download videos of most websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo.

WOT: Web of Trust, Website Reputation Ratings. WOT will give you the reputation ratings of the websites you're going to visit, which tells you which websites you can trust.

The Reasons of Why I Use Google's Services and Why I Choose to Trust in Google

1, Internet age and personal privacy. It is normal that people care about their online privacy, but as one exchange, we have to share some online information about us, or we just can not use the Internet. Google is one of the biggest Internet companies, to make money, they have to protect its users' online privacy to build its brand name; at the same time, Google, as the Internet giant, it has the ability to protect users' online privacy compared to the smaller Internet companies. So, I use Google and I choose to trust in it. Also, you have to give your choose if you want to use the Internet.

2, The products of Google are simple, I mean Gmail is a email service, Google is for you to search, Google drive is for you to store something..., it's simple, without having too many unnecessary functions.

3, Easy to use. Most products of Google are very easy to use, you will not know it until you use them.

Again, I will keep this post be updated, and you are welcome to share the extension you like with us.

And please know that your comments are useful, thank a lot.


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