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Sony KDF37H1000, KDF46E3000, and KDF50E3000 optical block warranty extension

Updated on June 22, 2010

Sony Optical Block Recall

 This is no new news for Sony. Plauged by problems with their optical blocks another recall has been issued. They do not publicly advertise these warranty extensions but will let you know about it if you call their consumer relations lines with any of the symptoms below.

1. Green blobs
2. Yellow stains
3. Green haze
4. Yellow lines
5. A softer and washed out picture
6. Lack of color uniformity
7. Poorer rendition of dark colors
8. "Blotchy" rendition of the color black
9. Problems with "grayscale"
10. Convergence problems

The warranty extension applies to optical block replacement for Sony models KDF37H1000, KDF46E3000, and KDF50E3000. They are allowing for these repalcements until June 30, 2011. So you have some time to watch for these problems to arise.

Get your Sony serviced under recall

 This is directly from Sony's site when you enter one of the affected models numbers.

"Models: KDF-37H1000, KDF-46E3000, KDF-50E3000

As part of the Sony commitment to quality, Sony is announcing that it is extending the limited warranty (parts and labor), in the United States, on the optical block of the above-referenced 2007 model BRAVIA 3LCD Micro Display High Definition Televisions until June 30, 2011, regardless of purchase date. For any customer who requires repair of the optical block on one of the affected models, Sony will cover the cost of the optical block repair (parts and labor) at no charge through June 30, 2011. This extended warranty does not apply to the replaceable projection lamp or the other parts that may be used in the televisions.

Sony is also announcing that for any owner of these model televisions who paid out-of-pocket expenses on or before December 31, 2009 for an estimate or repair service to replace the optical block, Sony will reimburse the customer by mail for the cost of the optical block and the labor expense to replace it, subject to certain conditions. To receive reimbursement, please follow completely the directions on the claim form for reimbursement; all claims must be postmarked by January 31, 2010. See the claim form for complete terms and conditions.

All other terms of the Sony limited warranty continue to apply. Sony utilizes a network of hundreds of qualified independent third-party servicers to perform in-home television warranty service. Sony, through its authorized servicer network, will endeavor to repair your set within 30 days of your first contact. For diagnosis, warranty service, or if you are not provided a repair within 30 days, please contact Sony at (888) 649-7669."

As you can see the time limit to make a claim for past repairs has expired, but their is still plenty of time for a new repair. Anyone that has paid for repair can still call Sony and make a complaint. They will often agree to reimburse you by 50%.


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