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Sony KDL46XBR4, KDL46XBR5, KDL46WL135 LCD panel recall

Updated on June 22, 2010

Sony has issued warranty extension for panel replacement on KDL46XBR4, KDL46XBR5 and KDL46WL135

Certain models of Sony LCD 46" televisions are experiencing panel failure. In response Sony has extended warranty coverage for panel replacement on models KDL46XBR4, KDL46XBR5 and KDL46WL135 unitl October 31, 2012. If you had to pay for panel replacement previous to the issuance of this recall you can file for reimbursement from SOny. The last day to file for reimbursement is June 30, 2010 Any problem with the panel, with the exception of misuse and abuse, is covered under this recall.

How to Get Repair

Sony's Official Statement From Their Website

Dear Valued Sony® BRAVIA® customers,

Sony has identified a limited number of 46" BRAVIA LCD televisions (models listed below) which may develop picture anomalies on the screen related to the LCD Panel.

Affected Models

As part of our commitment to quality, under the terms of the limited warranty included with the product, Sony will replace the LCD Panel in any Affected Model experiencing picture anomalies due to LCD Panel failure through October 31, 2012. Please note that except as set forth in this announcement, the terms of the Sony limited warranty for these products continue to apply.

In addition, customers who paid out-of-pocket to repair the LCD Panel on one of the Affected Models prior to the date of this announcement may be eligible to be reimbursed by mail for parts and labor expenses. To receive reimbursement, please follow completely the directions on the claim form for reimbursement; all claims must be postmarked by June 30, 2010. See claim form for complete terms and conditions.

Sony uses a network of hundreds of qualified independent third-party servicers to perform in-home television warranty service Sony, through its authorized servicer network, will endeavor to repair your set within 30 days of your first contact. For diagnosis, warranty service, or if you are not provided a repair within 30 days, please contact Sony at (888) 649-7669

Sony KDL46WL135

You can see from Sony's statement above they do not list model KDL46WL135. However, according to Sony's service bulletin to authorized service centers, this model is included. The service bulletin also states, "if an additional board is required due to panel change, it will be covered under this program." Please be sure that the service center does not try to charge you for any boards that fail due to the panel.


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    • profile image

      mehmood durrani 3 years ago

      Sony replaced my panel KDL 46XBR4 free of charge. The new panel worked for 4 years and has started to have horizontal lines too. No wonder Sony is losing billions of dollars a year.....poor product and replacement.

    • profile image

      Noel 4 years ago

      My kdl46xbr4 gave out recently in oct , 2013. , yes bought it in 2009 , they replaced it for 579 .00 and gave them my old one back , at least

      I won't have to pay 1100 plus 300 and yet service dealer didn't even know

      About recall they told me to throw it away , at 4 years I was ganna buy

      A different brand . I'll give them a second chance this time ,

    • Tony Robert Tony profile image

      Tony Robert Tony 5 years ago

      i just bought one for 80 dollars with issues , i do admit after i saw it for sale on craigslist i googled it and stumbled onto this site to learn about it before buying it

    • profile image

      John P. Rooney 5 years ago

      Dan,they replaced it with the exact same model tv with a 2 year warranty. I am very happy!

    • profile image

      Dan Denney 5 years ago

      Congratulations Mr Rooney...wish I had the same luck. What Tv did they replace it with?

    • profile image

      John P. Rooney 5 years ago

      I had a 4 year old 46 inch Bravia LCD with the problem. I called Sony and they replaced my tv the next week. No charge!

    • profile image

      Dan Denney 5 years ago

      I had this Tv fixed once while it was still in the1 year warrenty. Then after a couple years it broke again, so I gave it away last week. Now the man I gave it to tells me he can get it fixed for free...I'm devastated. $2600 TV...and I gave it away. Wish I would've checked into it more.

    • profile image

      Manuel Benavides 5 years ago

      Tengo un KDL-52XBR9 con el problema de lineas horizonatales en la parte superior, llame a sony y me dicen que esta fuera de garantia. No recomiendo comprar televisores SONY

    • profile image

      Lihua Panda 6 years ago

      I have a 40 inch of same model and I have had 3 major parts replaced one of which was the panel. Just got a call today from Sony that my TV is being recalled for melting issues. When looking into this I find out this TV has a long history of problems. Luckily I purchased an extended warrenty, from the retailer (which we consumer really shouldn't need to do). The manufacturer, in this case Sony, needs to own up and stand behind their mess. I wish you all luck in getting a clear fire and smoke free picture.

    • profile image

      Randy 6 years ago

      Sony's 52" has the same problem. I've been trying to get Sony to fix the problem for months. They won't touch it. Please....DON'T BUY SONY.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      I called Sony and they agreed to repair it. To make a long, painful story short, after 4 service cancelations and no shows, they tell me that the panel is on national back order. They offered to replace the set with a HX800 (cheap end, but newer technology). I've got little choice here. Sony sucks!

    • profile image

      Sherry Kolodziejczak 7 years ago

      Never received a notice about the recall, is it too late to have this thing fixed and paid for-total disappointment with this TV.


    • profile image

      tom 7 years ago

      THANK YOU! I called sony and schedualed an appointment to have the lcd panel replaced! tks again for your service. tom mccourt wpbch fl.