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Sony QUALIA SXRD KDS-70Q006 Class Action Settlement - Optical Block Warranty

Updated on June 22, 2010

Sony KDS70Q006 Recall


Despite original claims Sony made about the longevity of their DLP technology, Sony customers have been plagued with problems. Due to the settlement of a recent class action suit, owners of the Sony QUALIA SXRD KDS-70Q006 are now eligible for replacement of the optical block otherwise know n as the light engine until August 31, 2010. The catch is that your Sony tv has to be actually showing a problem with the optical block. Unlike other recalls by Sony that list specific symptoms the televison has, the terms of the settlement for the KDS-70Q006 state that the warranty extension covers any problem with the optical block.


How Do I Know The Optical Block Is Bad?

 The symptoms of a bad optical block can be any of the listed below.

1. Green blobs
2. Yellow stains
3. Green haze
4. Yellow lines
5. A softer and washed out picture
6. Lack of color uniformity
7. Poorer rendition of dark colors
8. "Blotchy" rendition of the color black
9. Problems with "grayscale"
10. Convergence problems

How Do I get My SOny Repaired?

 If you have an affected Sony QUALIA SXRD KDS-70Q006 you can call Sony at 1-888-649-7669. Have your model number, serial number, and purchase date ready. (The optical block warranty extension is regardless of purchase date but they will still ask you for it. An estimation of the date is fine.) The Sony representative will give you an E-file number as well as the name and phone number to your closest authorized service center. If you have any of the above pictures issues with your television the service center should not charge you anything. If they try to, call Sony immediately.

If you have already had your Sony television repaired you can go to Sony's website, put in your model number, and download a claim form. Sony will reimburse you parts, labor, tax and shipping costs if you incurred them.


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      ajshoe 6 years ago

      might be nice to have a date on this blog. This offer is no good anymore and SONY SUCKS