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Sony MDR-7506 My Favorite Headphones

Updated on November 16, 2012

Headphones: More Bang for Your Buck

Being a musician I do tend to think I have a bit more sensitive ear and the little white ear buds just don't do the trick to keep my audio up to standards. Thankfully the Sony MDR-7506 Professional Headphones provide an great sounding headphone without the professional price. I consider these headphones, at around $100 to be upper middle range for the standard listener but at the point where anyone can hear the difference without spending several hundred dollars on "better" headphones. Those these say professional the sound will be appreciate by the average listener. To give you an example of how these headphones function for all: my philosophy major college roommate years ago used these to listen to music and now my good friend with a several thousand dollar home music studio uses them as well. The Sony MDR-7506 are great headphones and worth the price of admission.

MDR Headphone Pros and Features

Crystal Clear Audio - no dramatic highs or lows, perfect sounding audio

Affordable for the Audiophile - expensive, a little, but worth the price quality ratio

Long Stretchy Cord - for late night

Closed Ear Design - keeps out the street noise

Gold Plated Plug w/ attachment for 1/4 inch

Folds Up for Travel...though still bulky

MDR-7506 Large diaphragm foldable headphones Cons

What I don't like...

These are large diaphragm headphones... see LARGE... these tend to be bulky which is what allows for such good sound as well.

Headphone Ear Pads Degrade over time - You will start to find small flakes of leather on your pillow after a year or so of use. (Replacements Available)

Long Cord = Some Tangles

Not many cons.. the obvious is the size and really the only downfall but worth it to make space in your travels for these beauties especially for comfort.

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Final Word on This Headphone Experience

Being a musician I felt a need to share these headphones with the world. The MDR-7506 have lasted me years and the sound never fails to impress in its crystal clear unadulterated audio. Do not let the Professional name in these headphones fool you, these are for any person who appreciates music and wants to get a great listening experience for reasonable money. I hope you enjoy these as I have.

Thank you Amazon for the Pictures

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