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Sphero the robotic ball gaming system

Updated on December 11, 2012

My Sphero iOS and Android controlled ball review

This is one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2012 so I have decided to make a review for it and jump on the international craze for this long desired & fun gadget. The Sphero the robotic ball gaming system is available now for all the world to enjoy so please enjoy my review.

Sphero iOS and Android controlled ball with 20 Apps for gameplay - Retail Packaging - White

My Sphero robotic ball review 2012 - Hope you enjoy...

Sphero robotic ball
Sphero robotic ball

Right then before I get started I would just like to say that this was a great gift from my wife for my B-day in December 2012 and that I love it.

The Sphero robotic ball is so much fun that I think I'm going to purchase another one so that my sister and the kids stop arguing on who gets to play with my Sphero first. This robotic ball is so easy to use and also came with a full charge which is useful and all I needed to do was go to the Apple store and download the App and BAM I was playing with it.

The Sphero robotic ball was very strange to drive at first as I'm used to the usual remote control things like other people as in Helicopters, Planes, Cars etc but I got the hang of if very quickly and was familiar with it within about ten mins. When I got mine there where only so many games for it but now there seems to be lots more which is good and there seems to be more choice of games for kids.

The Sphero iOS and Android controlled ball is great for tricking the family cat into the kitchen at night time as she will chase it but not bite it as it must give off some kind of mechanical sent or something LOL but she falls for it every time. You can do so many great things with this cool ball and its really good for killing time when board. I remember one time when I took the ball to work and shouted to my lady colleague....Look Look there's a mouse under your desk... and she jumped a country mile in the air and I was just stood there with my iphone behind my back running my finger around the screen thinking OMG this is cool.

I really enjoy this Sphero robotic ball because its well made and looks great and the charge seems to last for ever. Personal view is this is a must Gadget for any Gadget geek like me.

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Sphero the robotic ball gaming system
Sphero the robotic ball gaming system

Sphero robotic ball last thoughts...

Final Thoughts...

Here are the Pros & Cons....


Driving and controls are great and don't stutter, Very solidly build and looks great, Charge lasts for ever, Has lots of fun games, Easy to connect and get going, Apple App is easy to use and setup.


Only one con and that's the price but like I said if you want a cool gift or your a gadget freak then this is worth every penny.

Take a look below at the review video and see what I mean....

Sphero iOS and Android controlled ball with 20+ Apps for gameplay - Retail Packaging - White

Sphero Robotic Ball Video Review - Take A Look...

So Much Fun...

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Sphero Rocks

Sphero Comments - Thanks for looking

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