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Scenario of computer spy- spying software

Updated on June 27, 2013

Computer is the basic need of our life these days we are becoming addict of using computer. The reason behind our addiction is that; we are using computer in our office to do work then we come to home and start using computer again to be in touch with our friends and family through social sites and other mediums. However, the drawback while using computer and storing data is that, some body can hack our personal information and data, if we are not aware with it. In most of the offices bosses are like computer spy and want software that can be eligible for spying software and we can gather the information and keep in touch with the usage of computer in the office, on the other hand keylogger software is also using widely in everywhere.

There are different kind of keylogger software which are used to handle different situations and their results are different. The difference in the technology is too much because API- based keylogger can disable the operating system if there is any misuse of information, form grabber based can disable the connection from internet and hypervisor based can disable the BIOS of the computer. They all based at different coding and they all used for different purposes. Keylogger is also available in hardware form but the keylogger software is widely using in the companies to record the usage of the computer in the appropriate manner they do computer spy and trace all the usage by the spying software.

Companies are showing their interest in buying the spying software to maintain the record of their computer usage, they do computer spy. Not only spying is necessary in the office use but also it effective for the personal computer we can track down the usage of our computer when anyone else is using our computer. Many of the internet cafes are working as the computer spy, hackers install the different software to store the personal information of the internet user at that computer. Then they save the information and illegally use our bank details.

Computer spy is using in various dimensions we can use it as we need to use it. Because many of the spying software are available in the market to buy and other thing is that we can also setup coding of the keylogger software in to our computer.

Spying software and keylogger software- computer spy

Computer is using these days for various purposes, to get information computer is the most essential thing in this era. We can entertain ourselves with computer; the most important thing in any business is computer because now it is a world of technology and every business connected with computer and internet. Therefore, if computer is using widely in the business so how it is possible to save our information is from others. We can save our information by using keylogger software these software based on such technology, which can save us from computer spy we have many software, which are available in the markets known as spying software.

Keylogger software are divided in to three main parts first is hypervisor based. Second is API- based, and third is form grabber based. This difference between all is technology advancement. We can track down the computer spy from these technologies. Like if we have form grabber based keylogger we can block the BOIS, we are running the hypervisor based we can stop the operating system and if we are having the API-based keylogger we can stop the network usage and block the mac address of the computer. We can buy spying software that can help us from stealing or hacking of the personal data in the official computers.

Many of the hacker is expert in hacking, but the most brilliant hackers make the spying software to protect our computers from the hackers. The worth of data in office is worthless because we can loss billion and trillion dollars if we lose the information of our personal product. At that time, we need keylogger software to protect the information, sometimes we cannot trust even at our employees so the bosses install the keylogger software to see what their employees are doing in the office at computer, this software work as computer spy.

Computer spy is the most important and basic step to protect our data from the hackers. It is also very much useful when we want to track down are employees that what they are doing with the information so we go install keylogger software in the administrator as then we can access to any computer that is connected with the official net, somehow keylogger software are spying software.

Spying software are widely selling these days

It is indeed to be true to say that, we are in the era where the importance of computer is more important than any other manual office work. Computer has facilitated us from every means of work into it. We can do work from playing games to making programs, on the other hand computer is like an open place where anyone could come to steal our personal information. To prevent our computer from the stealers we have to install the keylogger software in to the computer to make a record of the computer usage and it produce the firewall, which is quiet impossible for the hackers to hack it. Nevertheless, all we need to do is; computer spy and we can spy the computer and its usage from the help of spying software.

Keylogger software is like a security guard for our computer, we can protect the misuse of computer and from the stealing of the information from the users or employees. Keylogger software created with the firewall that can save the data as well as the computer operating software. There are several technologies in the key logger software; one important thing about key logger is that they are available in both hardware and software. However, software are easy to hide. The technology that known as the API- based technology it disables the operation system when anybody is trying to breach the firewall. In addition, hypervisor technology is very much effective it breaks the BIOS connection with the computer when anybody exceeds its limit of usage of the information. This kind of software is working as computer spy and we can call them as spying software.

Moreover, the use of all the keylogger software is increasing rapidly because almost every company in the world is using computers to save their information and files into computer. Then they also need a protection form the misuse of the information. Companies always go for the strongest firewall keylogger software that can give more protection than others can.

We have to do computer spy with the help of spying software to protect the usage, and stop the illegal activity from our official computers.

Spying with spying software

The importance of anti- hacking software is undeniable fact that; this software can help us in protecting the personal information from the misuse. We save our important files into the computer to work on it, because the computer is providing a smooth channel to save the data and then process but how this could be possible when any black sheep enter in to our system to steal the information from our computer and sale the information to our competitor or blackmail us. Then we need to have keylogger software to save our computer from any black sheep. We usually want to become computer spy when we are running a office because we cannot believe at anybody even not at our employees because money can change the intensions of everybody so we have to install the spying software in the computers that are using in the office.

There are several danger zones, where we need the keylogger software to give a shelter to our important data. For example if we are using a computer in the public place like internet café and any of the hacker installed the spying software on to that system he could get all the information we are entering into the computer at that time we have to act like computer spy. We can also prevent the misuse of computer in our homes when our teen children start using the computer with internet, at that time we have to look the computer to prevent them from cyber bullying so we install the keylogger software to record all the sites they visited and then we become computer spy. We have to buy spying software for our personal computer as well some time our girl friend is also misusing our computer and the treat bad to us, at that time, also we could save our system.

The use of keylogger software is diversifying in a sense we can use it wherever we need. We can prevent our system, we can do computer spy for other misuse. All we need to buy spying software to prevent our system form misuse and then we can enjoy the usage of computer without any fear of data stealing.

The keylogger software is working hard to give a firewall to our computer but some new technologies can break the coding of this system at that time we need to be computer spy with the help of spying software. because with this we can be aware to the position of the system.

The keylogger software- preventing data

The usage of computer is essential in every sector of the business and we all save our private information in to the computers. The famous thing about china internet users is that they have block their Google in to china, but the question raises why. Because Google can track the usage of all the information about any topic then they can sell it to their competitors, and we all know the position of china in the technology in this era. The connection of this example with our topic is that; we cannot close the usage of Google in to our office but we can use keylogger software to get awareness about the usage of computer and internet in to our office. At that time, we have to act like a computer spy. In addition, for this we need spying software to get in touch with the all the activities into our offices.

There are several places where these kind of illegal activities are possible. For example, hacker does data hacking and other decoding of our information. Hackers hack our system to get information about our official information like information for our new product. In addition, some cybercrime police have their own hacker, who can access to our system and check the records of finance. At that time, we need to have keylogger software into our system. We can get keylogger software easily from the market or from the software houses. We can also order to make new keylogger software for us, which is not familiar in the market. To get the better results we have to pretend like a computer spy, now you are thinking how we can become a computer spy we can become with the help of spying software.

Keylogger software are based on three basic technologies first is API- based technology which deactivates the operating system at the time of misuse or at illegal activity. Then secondly, hypervisor based it deactivates the BIOS at the time of misuse, and last one is form grabber based it deactivates the network connection from the main computer.

Therefore, the usages of all the new technologies are increasing rapidly in the software sector, spying software are the most selling product these days because we can become computer spy with the help of these softwares.


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