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The Top Stands For Two Keyboards

Updated on May 19, 2010

The Benefits Of A Two-Tier Keyboard Stand

Whether you're performing live or in your personal studio, sometimes your trusty old single tiered keyboard stand just won't cut it. Anyone who regularly uses multiple workstations or synthesizers will benefit. On stage you'll find that the stand will enable you to play lines on both keyboards simultaneously, while in the studio you will be delighted at how much precious floor space a double tiered stand saves!

Why Buy A Multi-tier Synthesizer Stand Online?

Keyboard stands designed for two or more keyboards tend to be a bit uncommon.  Most electronics stores and smaller music boutiques cater to hobbyists and amateur players, in other words people who are unlikely to be playing multiple instruments at the same time.  Therefore, you'll usually only expect to find stands designed for a single synth.  Larger music stores will probably have two-tiered stands in stock, however such stores are likely to be more expensive and have less selection than you would find online. 

1. On Stage 2 Tier Folding Z Keyboard Stand

This stand by On Stage is one of the sturdiest and highest quality stands in its price range. The Z frame allows it to fold flat, which can save precious trunk space when travelling to gigs. There is one caveat, however, about the Z frame. Z frames may take up less space, but they are also more cumbersome to set up and take down. You will need to partially dismantle the frame to fold it completely, so this stand may actually be more suited for studio work than travel.

2. Quiklok Pro Series Heavy Duty X Keyboard Stand

This next stand by Quiklok is essentially the same as the two tiered Z frame above, but in a more convenient double X frame design. Though X frames take up more room when folded, you will find the quick locking system on this stand to be very handy if you travel frequently. It requires no tools or screwing to set up, and the stand is one of the sturdiest around.

3. On-Stage Stands 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand

Alright, if you ever require a stand that can safely handle three keyboards or synths, this A frame from On Stage is for you. A frames are a bit unusual, but so are stands designed for three keyboards. Setting up an A frame takes a bit longer and is nowhere near as quick and painless as an X or Z frame, however this stand tries to make it as easy as possible.


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