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Sterling Ray 34 Bass Guitar

Updated on March 4, 2013

Sterling by Musicman Ray 34: A Beautiful Bass

The Sterling Ray 34 is for those that crave that Musicman sound that may not quite have the budget for a Musicman Stingray. There are some people in fact that actually seem to prefer playing the Sterling Ray 34 than they do the Musicman Stingray; they've owned both, but have a preference for the Sterling Ray 34. Whichever camp you fall into, you've come to the right place, and you'll here be able to take a look at some absolutely gorgeous Sterling Ray 34's.

The Sterling Ray 34 comes in both an active and a passive model; you'll be able to tell the 2 models apart as the active version of this bass guitar is known as the Sterling Ray 34CA whereas the passive Ray 34 will just be listed as the Sterling Ray 34.

Read on to check out the different variety of finishes that the Sterling Ray 34 comes in, and also to check out videos of the Ray 34 in action.

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Sterling Ray 34 Review

I will start here with a video review of the bass which demonstrates some of the tones that are achievable with this bass, giving you a decent idea of what the Sterling Ray 34 is capable of. This is a video review from the Youtube user FatFingers4.

Further down the page you'll find a few more videos of this bass in action, but this video will provide a starting point for you for those that aren't already familiar with the tonal qualities of the Sterling Ray 34 bass guitar.

Sterling Ray 34 Blue Sparkle Finish

Of all the finishes currently available, the blue sparkle finish for the Sterling Ray 34 is absolutely my very favourite.

To me, this bass just looks absolutely gorgeous, and if you have the chance to get a hold of the bass in this finish where you are then I very much recommend that you do. I've been after the Sterling Ray 34 blue sparkle finish for some time now, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be as readily available here in the UK as I'd like though, and for now it seems that I'm going to have to keep waiting.

Not only does the body of the bass come complete with that gorgeous blue sparkle finish, but the headstock also, and for me I just find this bass to be the absolute winning combination.

That spakling blue finish, maple neck, and pearl pickguard for me just provides for the absolute perfect looking bass. I've thought about getting a similarly finished Fender Precision Bass to cure me of my gear acquisition syndrome, it just wouldn't be the same though so for now at least I'm holding out for this bass and am extremely envious of those of you in the US with easy access to this fine looking piece of equipment.

Sterling Ray 34 All Black Finish

Keeping it rather simple, the Sterling Ray 34 is also available in an all black finish with matching black pickguard and headstock. I have a Fender that I've treated to DR Neon luminescent green strings, and if you're going to go for this bass then I definitely think that the green strings with the black bass provides for a very good look, and the strings also play very well too and keep their finish extremely well.

Having played with all different coloured basses, I have to say that sometimes it's just nice to keep it simple with the all black approach, and this Sterling Ray 34 in black certainly looks like a very classy instrument. If you're looking for a black bass, you can definitely do a lot worse than the Sterling Ray 34, and if I was looking for a black bass today then I'd certainly consider going the Sterling Ray 34 route with this one.

Sterling Ray 34 Vintage Creme Finish

Once again keeping it simple here, Sterling also offers its Ray 34 bass guitar in a vintage cream finish. It looks absolutely wonderful with its rosewood fingerboard, and the vintage cream with tortoiseshell pickguard look always gets a big thumbs up from me.

This really is a fantastic looking Sterling Ray 34 bass guitar, and if you've been looking for that perfect vintage cream finish for a while; why not go for this bass and own for yourself a bass guitar to be proud of.

Sterling Ray 34CA Green Finish

This is the Sterling Ray 34CA, complete with mint green finish. The Ray34CA in mint green comes with active pickups just as with the vintage creme Sterling, the mint green finish looks absolutely incredible on it, and it sounds like an absolute dream as well.

I actually very nearly bought this bass in mint green a few months back myself. Green is my favourite colour and I absolutely love the way that it looks on this bass, ultimately I decided however that the finish was a little too similar to that of my 2002 Mark Hoppus Fender and I therefore decided that I'd keep on holding out for the blue sparkle finish, if I didn't already own the Mark Hoppus bass that I do however then there's every possibility that I'd have added this beautiful green Ray34CA to my collection a while back.

You can check out a video of the bass below in which this player states that this bass has a sound comparable with that of a vintage Musicman Stingray. I'm inclined to agree that the Ray 34CA has a tone reminiscent of a vintage Musicman Stingray, and this truly is an extremely strong sound to have.

Sterling Ray34CA Video Overview

An in depth analysis and demonstration of the Sterling Ray34CA in action. Demonstrating the various different tones that are available with this beauty.

Sterling Ray 34 Sunburst Finish

I've always had a certain soft spot for a sunburst finish bass guitar, and the Sterling Ray 34 in sunburst really does have a very obvious beauty about it.

If I didn't already own a bass guitar in sunburst finish, the Sterling Ray 34 in sunburst is most certainly another bass guitar that I'd consider adding to my collection. Again it comes with an absolutely beautiful pearl pickguard, and if there's anything that I'm a sucker for then it's most certainly a bass guitar complete with pearl pickguard. It's just such a great, classic look, and the Sterling Ray 34 most certainly does the look proud here, providing you with a bass guitar that both looks and plays like an absolute beast.

Sterling Ray 34 Honeyburst Finish

Another finish that this bass is available in is Honeyburst finish; as you can see from this page, this bass is available in an absolutely incredible variety of finishes, and this gorgeous honeyburst finish is another prime example of the fantastic quality of finish that you can get with a Sterling Ray 34.

Below you will find a cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers track 'Snow (Hey Oh)', played with this beautiful Sterling bass.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Ho) Bass Cover

A bass cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers track 'Snow (Hey Oh)', played on a stunning Sterling Ray 34 bass guitar.

Which is your personal favourite Sterling Ray 34 finish?

Which is your personal favourite Sterling Ray 34 finish?

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