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Stewart Screens - FireHawk Models

Updated on December 13, 2017
Home Entertainment Just Doesn't Get Any Better
Home Entertainment Just Doesn't Get Any Better

Stewart Screens FireHawk - The Ultimate in Home Theater

The Firehawk range of projection screens from Stewart Screens are without doubt a product for the most discerning home theater lovers among you. Stewart Screens offer unrivaled quality and choice for the ultimate in home entrainment and they have managed to create a plethora of top quality home theater screens that will suit any budget. You can buy a FireHawk Screen from as little as $1300, or if you have more to spend, you can go all the way up to $17,000 - it's really up to you, your personal budget and what kind of projection screen you are looking for.

So Many Choices of FireHawk

There are plenty of mid-priced FireHawk screens to choose from and because they are available in both fixed frame and retractable models and in a variety of formats (Video, HD & cinemascope) and so many screen sizes, it's easy to find the perfect Stewart Screen for your home or workplace.

A FireHawk Model For Everyone

Stewart Screens offer four main ranges of FireHawk that include both fixed frame and retractable models and in a variety of aspect ratios. All models are available in Video format which is a 4:3 aspect ratio or HD format which is 16:9 aspect ratio and some are also available in Cinemascope format which is uses a 2.40:1 aspect ratio.

♦ FireHawk Lexus

(fixed frame)

♦ FireHawk Stealth


♦ FireHawk ABT


♦ FireHawk Automatic


Whatever Stewart Screen you choose you are guaranteed a projector screen that is hand made to very highest of standards by skilled craftsmen that delivers superior image quality. It's this level of quality that has given Stewart Screens the unbeatable reputation that they enjoy in the projection screen market.

All Stewart Screens benefit from the latest technology and each is made from high quality materials.

Stewart Screens....

"have established an impressive reputation with both installers and end-users. This is largely based on their commitment to designing the best video screens possible with the current display technologies. "

FireHawk G3 Screen Material

The label FireHawk relates to the specialist screen fabric used in these high end projection screens. Other screen materials available from Stewart Screens include, GreyHawk, StudioTek, UltraMatte and GreyMatte, but for most home theatres where there is some low light, the Firehawl G3 material is the preferred option.

FireHawk Lexus Deluxe from Stewart Screens
FireHawk Lexus Deluxe from Stewart Screens

FireHawk Lexus Models

The Stewart Screens FireHawk Lexus models are superior fixed frame projection screens that are available in sizes 60 inch through to a massive 161 inch, so no matter the size of your space there is a Lexus model to fit. Both the Lexus and Lexus Deluxe Screenwalls are made with an strong aluminum frame which is covered in a Velux black velvet to absorb any overscanning. The Lexus benefits from a 1 1/2 inch wide frame and the Deluxe a 3 1/4 inch frame which is the main difference between the two options.

FireHawk G3 Material

Both screens utilize the extremely high-tech FIreHawk G3 material for the projection surface. This material has been specifically developed for use with 1080p technology and can also be used with DLP projectors, to give you the very best contrast ratios, the deepest blacks and stunning color saturation. The G3 material has a 1.3 gain and is the perfect choice for rooms which receive ambient light.

"I can't think of a better overall screen for your home theater"

The Screenwall material snaps into place to create an ultra smooth surface and the whole unit is particularly easy to mount with the wall fixings provided.

FireHawk Lexus Deluxe

FireHawk Lexus Deluxe

The Lexus Deluxe FireHawk is one of the most popular projection screens on the market today for a number of excellent reasons. For one, each Stewart Screen is handmade to the highest of standards so you are guaranteed to receive a top quality product. The prices are extremely reasonable especially when you consider the incredible viewing experience they deliver and because the build quality so superb, a Stewart Screen will last for many years.

One feature that makes the Lexus Deluxe FireHawk so attractive for the Home Theater enthusiast is that it is easy to assemble and mount (wall mounting fixings are included). Additionally, the "Quick Snap" screen system creates a taut and wrinkle free screen for a perfectly smooth projection surface.

"The Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screenwall is definitely one for the discerning home theater enthusiast."

Once assembled, this product delivers an undoubtedly professional look and will delight even the most discerning home theater lover.

This FireHawk Screenwall has a gain of 1.25 with a viewing angle of 100 degrees and half gain viewing angle of 28 degrees. Stewart recommends a minimum throw distance of 1.6 times the screen width with the projector mounted from the ceiling.

All Stewart Screens are customizable but for those that want one off the shelf and delivered to the home in a matter of days, then choose the Quick Ship option and start enjoying your Lexus Deluxe FIreHawk straight away.

FireHawk Stealth Trapdoor

The Stewart Screens FireHawk Stealth Trapdoor model is without doubt one of the best, motorized, large projection screens, for homes or businesses where the ability to hide the screen away when not in use is a fundamental requirement. Recess the housing within the ceiling for a completely clean look.

  • Video Format 4:3 Ratio
  • HDTV Format 16:9 Ratio
  • Cinemascope Format 2.40:1 Ratio

The Stealth model utilizes a technologically advanced electric roll-up screen which securely attaches using Stewart's exclusive Tab-Guy tensioning system designed to ensure a smooth flat image and prevent curl up. Stewart's motorized roller system provides a quiet, reliable screen operation that can be activated by a high voltage wall switch (included), infrared or remote control, or a projector screen trigger.

Stewart Screens FireHawk Stealth Retractable Screens

FireHawk Stealth
FireHawk Stealth


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