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Create WordPress Site With Styled Themes & Useful Plugins

Updated on August 18, 2016

Many of us are unknown about how to create and manage a website, though we understand that keeping an online presence of any physical business can be helpful. A few of us may have wanted to create an online shop or others may have wanted to reach customers and gather popularity online.

By far, the easiest and most efficient way to create your website is by purchasing a domain name - www.(your website).com and web hosting and installing WordPress in it. Then you can add the WordPress plugins for the functionalities and Themes for the appearance of your website. And as WordPress is itself a content management system, you will enjoy adding audio-visual or text content in your site.

Plugins Popularity

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List of Useful Plugins

To add various functionalities easily on your website, most of the WordPress developers code plugins. Plugins are like the plug and play devices that you can connect to WordPress and start using quickly and easily. A lot of WordPress developers have contributed their plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory which can be used for free. There are a lot of premium plugin providers and you can use the paid versions provided by them too. Here are some of the free version of WordPress plugins that can be valuable while developing your website.

Payment Plugins:

Various PayPal Plugins: You can find different free and premium plugins in the WordPress plugins directory for PayPal integration. If you are using paypal for your woocommerce where you are selling physical products or even digital products, you can find those specific for that. Payment Gateway For WooCommerce: Most of the website owners like to integrate payment gateway to sell their products and services. The main motive is to keep the money flowing easily and without much of service charges.

Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Addon: This particular plugin seems to meet the requirement of Stripe payment gateway in WordPress website. Along with that it seems to be updated regularly which is one of the important point while selecting plugins. Alongside with this Stripe for WooCommerce by Stephen Zungia is also fairly popular among the user groups.

SEO Plugins:

To increase the rankings of your website on the results of major search engines, you will need provide various meta fields and publish your posts and pages based on the guidelines. For this, WordPress Plugin Directory includes various plugins that can help you by removing the need of coding. Some of these plugins also provide you with suggestions too which is really useful. The most popular ones till date are Yoast Plugin for SEO and All in One SEO Pack.

Social Feed Display Plugin:

Your website is a showcase of your products and information too. Therefore, it is a good idea to display the messages that you share through your social media in your site as well. If you would like to display your shared messages in social media channels, you can easily install and activate these plugins in your site and connect to display your social media updates there. You can use Feed Them Social plugin or POWr Social Feed to do this beautifully.

Security Plugins:

However strong the security of WordPress is, it is always better to add some security plugins After all, installing and activating them is easy and free. Adding an extra layer of security will always work for your benefit. The most popular security plugins that are available in the WordPress plugin directory are iThemes Security and WordFence Plugin.

List of Styled Themes

Using WordPress in your site not only saves you from the different hassles of coding but it also offers the best way to integrate attractive design and layout options. Most of the themes companies upload the free version of themes in

The Premium WordPress Themes:

While searching for premium themes, you can go to the merchant sites of the theme companies like Styled Themes Co., or go to the popular theme market places like ThemeForest or Mojo Market.

As for the question about whether to purchase the premium theme from market place or from theme company, it is mostly a personal choice. However, while purchasing the themes from theme market, you may not be able to receive the support and free updates that you can get from establishing friendly relation with the support team of theme development companies.

The Free WordPress Themes:

You will be able to get a lot of free themes from WordPress themes directory and most of the theme companies that sell premium themes also list their free versions in WordPress Theme Directory. Some of the theme companielike Styled Themes, even provide support for free theme customers and make regular updates for the themes that they provide.


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